Custom Laser Cut Office Sign

Introduction: Custom Laser Cut Office Sign

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Customize at sign for any type of business, home, or office.  Using a laser cutter you can get precision detail and create a unique sign for your business.  This sign is for the Display Team at RadiumOne

Process for making this sign: I made this sign in Illustrator.
  1. Cut out a rectangle about 24" x 20" and etch the phrase "We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover"
  2. Cut out another rectangle about 18" x 15" and cut out the words "The Display Team".
  3. Stain the second rectangle with a light stain and stain the individual letters with a darker stain
  4. Using wood glue, glue the second rectangle and letters to the first board.
  5. Place some weights on top of the sign so it can dry overnight.  
  6. Hang up in the office.
**I made this at TechShop!!!
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