Custom Lego Technic Vehicle

Introduction: Custom Lego Technic Vehicle

About: I love Legos, Lego Technics in particular, I enjoy being with my friends, I like playing piano. One of my favorite places is outdoors.

A series of pictures showing my custom LEGO Vehicle.  It features a 26x6x1 studs frame, worm gear drive, and the huge wheels off of my 8265 front end loader that make it so capable in driving over objects.

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    the computer no1
    the computer no1

    7 years ago

    Could I get instructions i just got one


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I have a new version that has a pneumatic pump (small kind) hooked up to the back, and an airtank to hold compressed air, and finally a switch that goes to nothing to let the air out when it gets full.