Custom Minecraft Wrist Rest

Introduction: Custom Minecraft Wrist Rest

A "wrist rest" is a device used to support your wrists while typing or when using a computer mouse. It is beneficial if it is made of correct dimensions and material. The sence of style is added when the logo of a very popular game minecraft is sewed on your daily use DIY with a little bit of effort.


To make a stylish and custom minecraft logo wrist rest, you will need:

  • A pair of scissors.
  • Thread or wool of the specified colour. [I recommend Dark Green, Dark Brown, and Light Brown]
  • A pen or chalk for markings.
  • Cotton and some spare bits of rag.
  • Some of your precious time.

Step 1: Take the Markings

Trace the Hexagonal Shape of the logo. You may take help of the references given.

Step 2: Start the Sewing

Start sewing from the extreme Right-Top. Insert the needle with the thread from the downside and end in the extreme Right-Bottom, inserting towards the downside. Then do the same from the bottom to the top, moving from the right to left, making sure that no threading is visible on the downside of the cloth.

Step 3: Complete the Brown Part.

Your creation should look some what like this. This is just a checkpoint. Please move on.

Step 4: Start on the Green Part

Start sewing from the centre. Follow the same method as followed in the brown part. Just choose the direction as centre to left, then cut the string, then centre to right. Your creation should somewhat match the images.

Step 5: Optional Step, Add Realistic Texture

Just take some lighter shade of brown to give the icon a touch up by sewing little light brown string on the brown part at random places. You can follow the images.

Step 6: Sew the Cloth

Sew the cloth inverted from three sides, then invert it to make a small cushion. Make sure to leave a little hole like in the image for cotton insertion.

Step 7: Insert the Cotton and Rags

Insert the cotton and rags carefully without damaging the design. You should also put some rags so that the wrist rest is not too much soft that it is easily squashed by your wrist.

Step 8: You Are Done!

It's done! Now you can enjoy your screen without any strain on your wrist.

Note: I have used wool just to give the texture of a dirt block. You can go with either wool or thread according to your convenience. I posted this instructable accidentally from another account, but I have deleted it there to submit it here, kindly refer to this one.

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