Custom Motor Driver Shield for Arduino Uno(4 Motors)

Introduction: Custom Motor Driver Shield for Arduino Uno(4 Motors)

This is homemade motor driver shield for Arduino Uno for controlling 4DC motors, it also has headers for HC-05 Bluetooth module. I used HC-05 Bluetooth module, 2x L293d to drive 4 Johnson motors (which requires current of 500 milli Ampere each. The design can be customized according to the need of the user. The link video simulation and design files are next steps

Step 1: Connections

Specifications of L293d

max supply voltage - 36volts

peak output current - 600mA

It doesn't need diodes for protection from reverse current

The shield sits on top of arduino uno.

The connections

Arduino Pins

0(Tx)----------Rx of bluetooth module

1(Rx)---------Tx of Bluetooth module

3.3v-----------VCC of BT module

4,5,6,7--------2,7,15,10 of L293d IC

Step 2: Design Simulation

The circuit is designed in Auto desk Circuits Electronics Lab,

The Bead board view of project

The schematic of the project

Step 3: PCB Design in Autodesk Circuits

PCB is designed in Autodesk Circuits

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    Great controller. I end up making custom shields for most of my Arduino projects because the IO pins are so limited in current.