Introduction: Custom NFT Cryptopunks Sweatshirt

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Hi everyone,

On this Instructables, I will explain how I easily create a custom NFT Cryptopunks sweatshirt with a custom logo on it.

The first picture is the BACK of the sweatshirt, and the picture 2 is the FRONT.

If you don't know what an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is, check that.

If you don't know what a Cryptopunks is, check that.

You can use the technique explain in this Instructables to make any type of custom sweatshirt.


  • Nothing

Required tools :

  • A computer/phone

Step 1: Design the Logo

I choose to make an NFT Cryptopunks sweatshirt with :

  • In the top right of the FRONT, an NFT logo
  • In the middle of the BACK, a custom Cryptopunks who doesn't exist

More about Cryptopunks :

Cryptopunks made by Larva Labs was redeemed recently by Yuga Labs the creator of the Bored Ape Yatch Club.

The Cryptopunks I made has specific attributes : Alien, Pipe and a Beanie

If this Cryptopunk had been generated during the 10000 items launched in mid 2017, it would probably be the rarest one with an average price of 4200 Ethereum which represent 11.2 million €.

You can check the rarity of all the attribute using

How to design your own logo :

You can use any editing software, use the one you are most familiar with. If you don't know how to use any editing image software, you can check the list below and follow a tutorial online.

  • Image processing software : Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (Open source)
  • Vector drawing software : Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (Open source)
  • Cryptopunks generator using Figma made by the creator Jello

Step 2: Contact the Seller & Order

I choose to use AliExpress as a supplier, but it's not the only one capable of manufacturing custom sweatshirt, you can find :

The supplier I choose on AliExpress is this one, named Maymavarty Official Store.

This seller is great, he as good price, quality and responds quickly. I have ordered from this seller about 10 times and I have never been disappointed.

The manufacturing process involves in the manufacture of this sweatshirt is certainly digital textile printing.

To place an order, follow this procedure :

  1. Choose your size and color
  2. Pay attention to the size, I advise you to take an additional size (I wear M and I order L)
  3. Add to cart
  4. Go to your cart and click on contact
  5. Send them the logos specifying the size and position (check picture 3 for the different position)
  6. eq : Logo 1 on the back of the sweatshirt in the middle with a size of 30cm wide
  7. eq : Logo 2 on the front of the sweatshirt in the top right with a size of 10 cm
  8. Ask for a preview of the design
  9. Validate the design or request modifications with a new preview
  10. Order the sweatshirt

What about the price ?

I choose AliExpress as a supplier and I live in France.

  • Custom Sweatshirt : 24.38€
  • Shipping : 1.71€
  • TOTAL : 26.09€

What about the delay ?

  • The AliExpress supplier responds in 1 day, so depending on the number of requests it takes more or less time. On average, it takes 3 days
  • Manufacturing takes approximately 2 days
  • Shipping is quite fast, less than 2 weeks

What about the delivery ?

  • Standard AliExpress packaging, a transparent plastic to wrap the sweatshirt and a rigid white plastic for the package

What about the quality ?

  • Decent material, comfortable to wear.
  • I have worn and washed this sweatshirt about ten times and the design is not damaged

Step 3: Wear It & Enjoy

It's pretty cool to have a unique sweatshirt for such a low price.

A Cryptopunks in the back is great for starting conversations with people interested in NFTs or people who want to understand how it works.

I hope I helped some of you to create unique design and easily print it on any type of clothing.

Have a nice day !