Introduction: Nerf Nitefinder Mod Guide

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Hello instructables community , this is my custom nitefinder I've tried on and was my first modded one. I followed some basic mods going around for this gun so I decided to maximize mines overall potential. If there are any other ideas you'd like to give to me just send me a comment and pictures of your cool ideas .

Step 1: The Laser Removal

Removing the laser is a simple step towards maximizing the performance of the nitefinder! I used my dremel with a regular sized bit , it takes a while but then sanded down gives it a fresher look. But before cutting it dismantle your gun and just unscrew it and it will come out, then use pliers to bite off the metal prongs in the battery compartment.

Step 2: Keeping Your Dart Holders

A funny but useful part in the nitefinder is the dart holder, right when you unscrew the gun they will be left loose. Keep those out of the way while your cutting your gun. I hot glued mine on top with a curved angle just to have it different than other positions.

Step 3: Spring Change or Stretching It

The basic part for this would be to switch the spring but I just stretched mine outs a little enough that gives it a few more feet but still is possibility to fit back in the gun, I will try and add some rubber bands up front to the back but I don't have usable ones right now. In the future ill be doing that!

Step 4: Basic Thanks for Reading

Ive hope you've found this helpful so please follow me on instructables and share your cool mods with me. I will do my best to show other small mod creations when ever I can. Thanks again for reading!