Introduction: Custom Nightstand

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Give new life to your old, ugly, and beat-up nightstands! Why buy new furniture, when you can have custom furniture?!?

Step 1: The Supplies

What you will need:

1 or two old nightstands

Mod Podge or other decoupage glue (I have used several brands...Mod Podge is the best)




Scrap Book paper or fabric

damp cloth

Spray paint if the drawer color doesn't work with the lighter fabric or paper

Acrylic spray

Step 2: The Process

1.  For both nightstands, I painted the drawers a color that would work well with my material.  

2.  For scrapbook paper, you may have to find the point where the print matches up exactly, draw a line, and trim. The ruler works                        great for this.

3.  Cover the drawer front with mod podge.


4.  Line up your material along the top edge of the drawer, leaving about 1/2 and inch over the lip of the drawer.  apply Mod Podge the the inside edge of the drawer and smooth fabric over.

5.  Work your way down and to the edges of the drawer, applying Mod Podge as needed and smoothing out the wrinkles with a ruler or other flat tool.

6.  Apply Mod Podge to the inside edges and smooth fabric over.  You may need to trim excess fabric or cut a diagonal line at the corner for optimal folding.

7.  Brush mod podge over entire surface, use damp cloth to remove drips and excess glue.


4.  begin at the center of the drawer with first piece of paper. 

Follow steps as above for fabric.

8.  Allow to dry for 48 hours. 

9.  Spray acrylic over drawer. This will ensure longer lasting life of the paper or fabric and protect it from moisture.

Step 3: Ta Da!

Now you have your own custom nightstands!