Introduction: Custom Oil Lamp

A lot of High School students have or are very close to having Prom. Now, I do not know if your school was as mine was, but our glasses had possibly 2-3 gulps and it is gone. I counted, during the 3 hours I was at the dance, I refilled my glass damn near 20 times. This got me to thinking, why drink out of a glass that can hold only a few oz of liquid.

This will be my first instructable, so bear with me (criticism is much needed please). It should take near to no resources (household items), and possibly 10 dollars for the oil. I would rate this easy, but that's just me, and it takes under an hour.

Hope you enjoy :D

Note: I really doubt you can hurt yourself unless you are an utter imbecile, however I will take no responsibility for any damages, injury, or death that may occur. It's fire folks, it burns stuff, so make sure you take all measure to make sure it burns the oil and the wick, not you and your stuff.

Step 1: "Lets Get Your Act Together"

First we need to get all our resources together.


You Will Need

Flat Head Screwdriver

Needed Materials:
Lamp Oil
A Glass/ Crystal Container
Aluminum Can
Wick (Or Tightly Wound Yarn/ Thread to make your own)

Optional Materials:
CD Spacer
Lamp Ornaments


Note: Please make sure that the can will fit on top of the glass. (Image 2)

Step 2: "Cutting the Cheese"

Now that you have your materials, lets start working on the actual lamp.

First you are going to take the can, and cut it in two. We will be using the bottom for now, but save the top half for later. Now cut the bottom of the can, so only the bottom silver is left. You want to make sure that there is not a protruding lip on any part of the can. This leave with issues later on.

Image One: Cutting in half
Image Two: Leaving the bottom
Image Three: Finished material
Image Four: Example of how it will go on the glass

Step 3: "The Hole Truth"

Now that we have our lid, we are going puncture a whole so that the wick can have an area to pass through.

Take Your Screwdriver, like a chisel, and place it in the middle of the can. Tap it somewhere between forcefully and gently until it breaks through. Do it again, making an X in the middle of the can

Note: If your lid bends due to your hammer, just flip over your screwdriver, and tap it until it bends back to where you had it before :D.

Step 4: "Wicked"

Now the next step is partially optional. It will be dealing with adding the ornaments.

Now, if you do not have twine rope like I did, you can use the tightly wound yarn Weave it around itself (ever braid your hair? that method works really well, just do it multiple times), then rap thread tightly around your newly made wick. If you see the picture below, I have a custom made wick started.

Now take the CD Spacer (remember, optional) and cut it so that only the very inner circle is left. This will allow your wick to breathe and also hold your ornaments up a little higher in the glass, if wanted. You can change its size, depending on how high you want the ornaments.

Next, you will take the ornaments, and place them around the wick, trying to distribute the weight on all sides.

Step 5: "Fill'r Up"

Now take your lamp oil, and slowly fill up the glass, leaving a small area at the top. Remember, if any is spilled, wipe it up with a paper/cloth towel. Lamp oil is quite annoying and is very slick. This step may seem quite easy, but can be messy if you don't pay attention.

Step 6: "The End Is NEAR!"

Almost finished mates :D.

Now take your lid (it has set by itself for most of the project D:) and place the wick inside it. You may need to pry the can a bit so it can fit, but remember, a tight fit is GOOD. This is not a candle, and the wick takes a lot longer to burn down. The flame i used in the pictures was caused by a wick that is only 1/8 inch off the lid.

Step 7: "I Thought It Would Never End"

Now, finally, the last step.

Take your other half of a can (you thought I forgot about it didn't you :D), and cut it to the silver, just like the other can. After this is completed, take the flap, and force it back into its original place. This will snuff out your flame.

Step 8: "FINISHED!"

Well if you made it this far, you successfully made a custom oil lamp, and I applaud you :D

Hope you understood everything, and if not, just leave a comment and I will do my best to fix it.

Thanks for Reading :D