Introduction: Custom Painted Shoes

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First I want to thank the DIY community for adding things that spark ideas. This one I'm thankful to user Runwithwolves for giving me when I just clicked around on the site.


Learn you pens, try them out.
Let it dry well before going back close to other areas again.
Light colour on lead pencils do not work well together and will discolour.
Use the bleed effect correct and and you will be able to get close.
Same label of pens bleed into each other easier than if using pens that have different bases.
Textile pencils bleed less

Maths: (I used)

Light board. If you, like I, don't have one my solution is included
Pens and waterproof pens/markers
Paper/baking paper
Hard/thick paper
Fabric glue
Hair scrunchy
Something you want on the shoe
Something in the shoe - filled mine with socks for support.
Waterproof spray for textiles. (Even with waterproof markers the spray will add as protection to dust and dirt.)

Step 1: Size of Image

I used the seam on the shoe to know the size I could use and how to to put it on.

Step 2: Tracing and Moving It to the Shoe

Baking paper and lead pencils are good friends when putting it on fabric, if you want it on the fabric. Just remember it will be reversed.

Note: Light colours and lead pencils will mix.

I used a glass bowl and a flash light to make the tracing easier.

Redo till you are satisfied and happy. Take your image and flip it, put in on shoe carefully, don't let it touch the fabric. Put it on and gently use your finger over and your image will move over to the fabric. Tip is to make smaller pieces and add them one at a time. That way there is lesser risk for it to get stuck where its not supposed to be.

Spider-man is made with DVD markers pointy tips and they really hit the spot and they didn't bleed into each other after drying. I only made the outline, the costume lines I just tried to see where they started and ended.

The princesses was lots harder and I had some discolouration both from bleed effect and the lead pencil.

Step 3: Bleed Effect

Use the bleed effect to get as close as possible then let it dry and you can just add more colour where bleed effect starts and carefully move closer till the colouring is as far as you want it.

This may look bad but the camera is way to good or something. The look in real life is way better.

Step 4: Laces

My shoes had a flap of rubber band on inside so wanted something like that as laces but couldn't find anything good so I got me some hair scrunchies.

I cut it, burned edges and glued it.

It's from start. Glued - Over - under and up through hole - Over - Under and up again..

Step 5: End and Progress

Some more images