DIY Personalized Paper Wallet

Introduction: DIY Personalized Paper Wallet

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This 'bile will teach you how to make your own super cool, custom design paper wallet. It's not like a normal paper wallet, it has a custom print to make it unique, you can use my M.C. Escher design or make your own with my template.

Paper wallets are great, they are thin as hell, really lightweight and look cool, specially if it has a custom, unique design on it, so go on, get some cool images from google and make yourself an amazing personalized wallet! and, when it dies, you just print another one and you're good to go!
Plus, the custom print (if made in toner) makes a kind of plastic layer and adds durability and water resistance to the wallet.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Here is a list of tools/materials;

- Scissors
- tape
- paper
- a printer

yes, that's all you'll need.

Step 2: Lets Begin...

download my wallet template file, if you want to, add some custom images to personalize it, or just print it and, if you want to, make a drawing of your own, or just leave it blank.

Step 3: Fold

Fold the paper in 4 lengthwise and in half the other direction.

Step 4: Cut

cut about 1 cm on each lengthwise fold, on both sides. make sure that all your cuts are the same length.
Cut a triangle shape on each f the flap's cuts.
cut the big, odd shaped piece from the bottom of the paper.

All folds and cuts are marked on the template.

Step 5: Fold the Flaps

fold 4 of the 8 flaps as marked on the template, make sure to fold them so that they end up on the opposite side from the printed side.

Step 6: Tape

tape together the 2 halves of paper at the very bottom, this is so that the inside is smaller than the outside and to ensure that everything fits.

Step 7: Fold ...Again

fold the paper in half and then the 2 halves in half again, ensure that you are doing it the correct way around, meaning that one of the prints is on the outside and the other one is on the inside.

     ...Now it's starting to look like a wallet.

Step 8: Lock the Flaps

Fold the flap in the middle from any of the sides into the "front of the other flap.

Step 9: Lock the Second Flap

Now push the second flap inside the "slot" that's left in front of the other flap, which is now folded inwards.

Step 10: Repeat

Repeat the process for locking the flaps on the other side.

Step 11: Use It

Fill it with money and use it.

For extended durability reinforce the folds with some scotch brand "Invisible" tape, you really can't see it on paper! and it'l make your wallet last for ages and be more protected against water.

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Dream Dragon
Dream Dragon

10 years ago on Introduction

There are lots of wallets on here, and there IS something fun about making your own, but anything with M C Escher on is an instant "WIN" for me.

This is actually a good practical idea too. You could consider adding some kind of plastic lamination for more durability, but that WILL add something to the bulk, and of course you can always print off a new one if it starts falling appart.

Excellent work.


8 years ago on Introduction

Can you fix the links to the templates please! Also great instructable.


8 years ago

I can not download the two template. They seem not available


8 years ago on Introduction

Sorry to stir up old threads but how do you download the templates if it has a 403(forbidden) error? How else do you do this 'ible?


9 years ago on Introduction

how to download those documents.. it has username and password