Introduction: Custom Preston Garvey/Minutemen Hat

This instructable won't be a long one, however you will enjoy this little project none the less! This item is more of a quick n' easy project you can finish in 20 minutes of spare time and can be used for fancy dress parties, Halloween, cosplaying or even to add to an already growing fallout collection! enjoys guys!

Step 1: That Hat and Customisation!

Right guys what you will need is easy and cheap:

1. An old cowboy style hat of light to dark brown (Leather would be perfect as it would be identical to Preston's hat in the game. I have gone for the same look but tried to make myself look another minuteman in the Commonwealth).

2. A sharpie marker fine liner for the minuteman logo if you wish to add it on anywhere and some other colored markers for a personal touch if your like me and wanted to be your own individual minuteman!

3. A leather needle or a sharp object to punch holes to create the raised side of the hat with some garden wire or string even (I went with garden wire as its stronger and holds better).

Now onto making it! Take the right side of the hat (the right side when you wear it) and fold it up just like I have in picture 1. Punching two holes just I did to make way for your garden wire to hold the hat side in place and give that rough and tough colonial look to yourself (who says you can't be a minuteman!). Once this is done you can either leave it if you wish to be a real life Preston Garvey (Remember though if you do... remind people that a settlement needs their help!!) or if you want to be like me and create your own style of minuteman you can use your markers and add a logo (I used the minutemen logo but you could get experimental and design your own!) and on the left side of the hat I wrote "FOR THE COMMONWEALTH!" in a Fallout style font to add character and a feeling of realism that the Boston wasteland is for real. Because the Irish theme and my love for Cait i decided to add a shamrock to my hat with a green sharpie. Also my hobby is killing raiders and I liked clearing out the Shamrock Tap house. Have you cleared any areas you liked to clear out? Had a memorable moment in the Commonwealth? Why not add a little image of your own to personalise this hat.

Enjoy the hat guys, I know i enjoyed making this short instructable for you!