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Hi friends,

This is my custom made TV wall unit. The inspiration I take from my custom made computer desk. Again this TV wall unit I have made at my home with the basic tools. RGB lightning makes it truly an awesome master piece. I have made 6 floating shelves with built in 3W led Bulb for giving it to modern look. I choose antique wall lamps made of brass. The whole TV wall unit is 9 feet wide and 10 feet in length. How I made this unique master piece lets begin.

Material Required

1. I choose RGB 5050 LED 15 Meter strip IC 6803 having 133 modes & it is really Awesome you can purchase from eBay or Aliexpress

Link: -

2. i used 2.1 speaker Ricardo having amazing sound quality.2.1 speaker are enough for my 10 X 15 sq. feet hall.

Link: -

3. I used 10 surface mounted LED for floating shelf.


4. Chrome Plated Drawer handle.

5. 2 Wall lamps Indian Style.

6. 4 no’s RGB Bulb for wall lamps.

Link :-

7. Ply board 8'X4' = 4 no’s

8. 1mm thick Textured Laminates 8'X4' = 3 no’s (Own Choice)

9. wood screw 150 no’s

10. 150mm Telescopic Rudder 8 no’s

11. 14 no's Pine wood 2" wide 1" thick & 10' long

Tools Used.

1. Table saw

2. Jig saw

3. Hand drill with star bit

4. Core cutter bit 35mm (For speaker Fitting)

5. Wood Glue 5 KG.

6. Utility knife

7. Set square

8. Speed square.

Whole budget of making this TV wall unit without my labor is 400$ & it took almost 28 days to build.

Step 1: Measurment and Making of Grid Pattern on Wall

First of all you have to select wall on which you have to mount your TV it could be small or even bigger & depending upon the choise then measure wall size.depending upon the TV wall unit size cut the pine wood to desired size of TV wall unit.first you have to make a square then divide square into equal spacing.first of all fix vertically with wall screw from left to right with equal spacing then go bottom to top with equal spaing then a Grid pattern will will be better to mark the lines with pencil on wall with equal distance so that you need not required measuring every time.

Step 2: Installation of Plyboard

After that start fixing TV wall unit size is more than the actual size of ply board to i cut down ply board on table saw for covering whole grid pattern area. I have left a square shape in the middle of TV wall unit so that i can lift my led somewhat above the surface level for that I again install 55"X40" ply board will show you in next slide. How much square space is required to leave is depending upon your TV size I have to mount 50-inch TV so i left 40"X40" square shape. You can cut this space before installing plyboard on wall.otherwise it may be difficult to cut vertically with the help of circular saw or jig saw against gravity & you may get poor finishing.

Step 3: Installation of Laminate With Fevicoal

The most difficult job is to fix laminate with the ply board.I take my brother help for fixing laminate because this is formed to be a huge master piece. First of all, I glued area that is equal to the laminate person is standing on table holding laminate & I am standing at bottom holding laminate at an angle of 25-30degree fist lined up the Top edge then side. Slowly - slowly by pressing with cloth & remove air. As my brother goes down I further decrease my angle from 30 degree to ultimately zero. But this is really a hardworking job. If there may be air trapped in between laminate & ply board. there may be formation of bumps & that looks we continuously pressed about 30-45 that air may not be trapped in the middle. First we fix left side then right & measure the portion in between left and right & cut the brown textured laminate according to required size then fix it in same manner.

Step 4: Making Floating Shelves and Drawer

one of the decorative thing I made on this TV wall unit is the floating shelves. I made 30mm hole in the middle of shelves for fixing LED blub. After that I have installed 55"X40" board for mounting TV & 1'X1' cavity cut at the bottom for hiding cables & TV adapters. After that I made & installed 4 Drawers’ also made cavity for the switch boards & between 4 drawer I create cavity for Speaker wire & set top box wire. I internally linked wires with the the top of TV board I made a floating rectangular shelf on which you can place decorative items & its look really Awesome while watching TV.

Step 5: Installation of LED

I used 3W lightning. First of all i drilled core according to the led size in the floting shelves.this drilling process is done before installing shelves with the TV wall unit.then i measure the thickness of driver to be fit into the floting shelf .it is slightly more than that i aspet so i removed the cover of led driver & easily fitted the LED .

Step 6: Instalation of Speaker,RGB LED, Switch Board

First of all, I completely dismantled speaker after that I removed magnet from speaker body after that soldered wire on speaker magnet. With wood core cutter of 35mm equal to the speaker magnet size I made core in TV wall unit then with 4 no’s of 1/2" wood screw I fixed both the speaker for speaker grill I removed from speaker Tracing & measuring center distance from each point then fixed with plastic Dowels.

Step 7: Installation of TV

Installation of TV is very delicate work. It is really a costly item as well. I purchased this W80C for about 1400$. first of all, I stick paper template on Wall unit. Which is given along with the TV manual. after that I drilled hole on Wall unit board & mount TV bracket on it with the help of my brother I mount TV on Bracket.


Step 8: Installation of RGB Blub & LED

I used Antique wall blub holder for RGB blub & mounting is so easy just with the help of wood screw mount Blub holder stand for installation of RGB strip is very easy. With the help of glue gun slowly & steadily install Led strip at the edges of TV wall unit. For reflection you can glued sliver tape of simply paint with silver color so that led light may reflect more & bright.

Step 9: Finally Dream Comes True !!!!!!

Finally Dead wall become Alive..

Hope you like it.

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