Introduction: MortalEngines Inspired Motorcycle

About: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)

so...after my i decided to build something who would be bigger and better and usefuller.

As usual, not much to say.. but a lot to show

Step 1: Cowdfunding

so i started crowdfunding....and after a while i had enough money to be able to start already....but i couldnt stop so i finished the hole project but crowdfunding is still running

Step 2: Building Main Chassis

So budget was small so i started with scrap parts wheels and metal

Step 3: Rear Drive Wheel

i used parts from my old useless escooter

Step 4: Main Woodbody

used some scrap wood i had left over

Step 5: Seat

also from scrap parts

Step 6: Upholstering Seat

i took the leather i had left from my jetpack project

Step 7: Stearing

from leftover waterinstallation and my old drum

Step 8: Front Wheel

scrap parts from gardeninstallation

Step 9: Front Body

spare parts from installing rain gutter

Step 10: Electrics an Powering

i used mainly parts from my old scooter

Step 11: Maintenance Door and Final Mounting

had left some old belt they where usefull and decorative

Step 12: Update

after my first test ride i added a headlight and installed ad added a a to permitt better balance and second function is a foot rest

Step 13: Video Ride

as soon as i get the time for a ne ride i will upload the video

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