Introduction: Custom Rotational Window Panel

Prototyping Steel -

The Custom Rotational Window Panel is a part of a one-to-one scale detailed window section prototype from a larger voronio pattern. This project utilizes multi-material fabrication tools and techniques through parametric design. By using water-jet steel plates, stock steel tubes, ply-wood, glazing and rolling hardware, we explore not only the collaboration of each fabrication process, but also the complexities of operable features in physical architectural components.

Component needed:

-1/8" walnut ply wood x1

-1/8" acrylic x1

-1/8" Ply wood x1

-1/2" Ply wood x1

-1/4" Ply wood x1

-1/8" steel plate x1

-Thrust bearing x1

-Bolts 1/4" x19

-1/2" x 1/2" Steel Tube x3

Step 1: 2D Cut Line

We have use voronoi command on grasshopper to make the face plate cad layer. However users are free to change shapes of the frame

Prepare the Cad file in two layers:

-Face plate


Step 2: Digital Fabrication

Run the File on

Laser cut machine for:

-1/8" walnut ply wood x1 (for face plate)

-1/8" Ply wood x1

-1/2" Ply wood x1

-1/4" Ply wood x1

-1/8" acrylic x1

Water jet for:

-1/8" steel plate x1 (for face plate)

Step 3: Manual Fabrication of the Frame: Tube

Cut the tubes 45 degree according to the length of of the face plate

Step 4: Weld the Tubes

Miter joint the tubes together with mig weld

Step 5: Grinding

Grind the welds into right angle

Step 6: Drilling

Drill though the face plate and the tube together to make sure the holes are in line.

Turn the tube around and drill again for inserting the tube

Step 7: Tapping

Tapped the steel face plate in a quarter inch drill

Step 8: Insert Pins

Drill a hole through spacer and the tubes than insert a pin with a trust bearing in the inner frame

Step 9: Sandwich the Layer on to the Tubes

Put the layer together in the order of

-Steel Face plate

-1/8" ply wood spacer

-1/8" acrylic

-1/4" ply wood spacer

-1/2" ply wood spacer

-1/8" walnut ply wood

and locked them together with the nuts and bots together through the tubes

Step 10: Assembly the Rotating Window

Repeat the sandwiching process with the rotating window and locked them up in together with nuts and bolts

Step 11: Rotate the Window