Introduction: Custom Sanding Block

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I needed a narrow flexible sanding block for delicate, curvy wood projects.

Step 1:

This works great for curvy wood if you want to make something like this knife handle.

Step 2:

I first went down and got a loop sanding belt from one of those cheap tool stores, like at the "Harbor"

Step 3:

I measured the loop to get the right length of my block

Step 4:

Then I drew out the curve that I wanted and a reverse curve for my hand grip, handle area

Step 5:

Trace the design onto a piece of wood the same thickness as the sanding belt and cut it out with a scroll saw. It's best to use a narrow blade with fine teeth. This will make less splintering and require less sanding to clean it up.

Step 6:

I put the cut piece to the sander to clean up the sharp edges and reduce splinters.

Step 7:

I test out the sanding belt on the new block. It seems to be a bit loose, so I cut a small splint to shim it up.

Step 8:

After the spacer is cut, the belt tension can be adjusted by sliding it up or down the curve, Now go and make something really cool.

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