Introduction: Custom Shirt With Nine-Hole Buttons

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For Kieran's birthday, I wanted to make him a custom shirt. I didn't use a pattern, which is why I haven't made a full Instructable out of this, but copied one of his shirts to obtain the right fit.

I knew I wanted something extra special in the finishing details. Enter Steve Hoefer (member Ookseer) and his 9-hole buttons.

We met at the latest Instructables' Build Night at reMake Lounge. Steve had just finished up a batch of prototype buttons and had a few to show off. I immediately fell in love with them (haven't you?), and knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

After begging a few buttons off of him, I had to decide just how to use them. I put Kieran's initials on his cuffs, and chose the word Aspire for the front. I want Kieran to know that his dreams and aspirations are close to my heart, and that he has my endless love and support.

I hope you enjoy the following pictures of the shirt and the buttons. A special thank you to Steve for providing just the right amount of magic to make this a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Are these buttons for sale, you ask?? Go harass Ookseer, and you might just get your wish!