Custom Standing Closet

Introduction: Custom Standing Closet

No closet? No problem! This Instructable shows you how to make a standing closet - the perfect solution when space is limited and store-bought wardrobes just don't cut it.

Step 1: Find Salvaged Wood

Your options are unlimited when it comes to finding salvaged wood. Great places to look: craigslist, lumberyards, garage sales and city street corners. Find pieces in a style that you love, as this will determine the main aesthetic of your closet. Good options are old shelves, drawers and small doors, as pictured. If necessary, (re)finish the wood by sanding, staining, sealing, etc...

Step 2: Make a Plan

Design a standing closet configuration that fits your needs. Do you need a container to hold shoes? Small shelves to display pictures? Long hanging areas for dresses or pants? A short closet to fit under a sloped roof? If you don't have access to woodworking tools, design your closet so that you can use your salvaged wood as-is. Also, do some research on the sizes of pipes and pipe fasteners that your local hardware store carries. Take stability into consideration with your design, as metal pipes and lots of clothes can get heavy! Think creatively while also considering these practical constraints. Pinterest is also a great place for inspiration. Draw a plan with dimensions, and make sure that everything will fit together.

Step 3: Acquire Materials and Assemble

Purchase any other necessary materials such as pipes, pipe fasteners, screws, a screwdriver, additional wood, and casters. Assemble your standing closet according to your plan. Pay attention to the closet's balance and straightness since salvaged materials can often be uneven.

Step 4: Use and Enjoy!

Your standing closet is ready to be loaded up with your clothes, shoes and other belongings. Enjoy your one-of-a-kind, space-saving, statement closet!

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