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I am a big fan of American poetry, and my favorite poet is Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. To show my support for his wonderful "Excelsior", I created this t-shirt that captures the spirit of the poem with a dash of whimsy. Rather than a "youth", I exercised some artistic license and elected to have a squirrel carry the banner whilst riding a shark atop a rocket. None of which are strictly in the poem, but I rather like how the rocket-shark-riding squirrel parallels the striving young man in the poem. And now you can make your own.

It is very easy to make:

1) I opened up MSPaint
2) I drew a rocket, then a shark, then a squirrel. Then I added the word "Excelsior" at the bottom.
3) I printed it on a t-shirt transfer
4) I trimmed it down to size using my good scissors
5) I ironed it onto the t-shirt

Onward and upward, my friends. We can all learn a little something from Longfellow and the squirrel.

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