Introduction: Custom Wristbands

What you need
-A strap from something (I used part of a backpack to do mine - which works out pretty well)
-Scissors [or a utility knife(whichever you prefer for cutting the strap)]
-Lighter (not essential, but very helpful)
-Paint (essential if you want to add a design to it)
-Sharpie (for marking spots to cut)
>>Refer to the diagram (picture 3)<<
1)  Wrap the strap all the way around your wrist.
        -Make a mark where it passes itself (about the circumference of your wrist).
        -Make another mark about 2 inches ahead of that one (so the band is 2 inches longer than the circumference of your wrist).
2)  Use scissors to cut the 2nd mark.
3)  Following the diagram:
        -About half an inch from each end of the strap, mark a line from top to bottom.
        -On one mark, fold the strap in half and start to cut from the middle (to make a hole). Don't cut too far, or the hole will be too big. Try to make it about 1 half the length of the mark
        -Unfold it and cut a curve on one end (to make the hole a bit wider).
        -On the other mark, cut (starting from one end of your mark) toward the middle about 1/3rd the length of the mark.
        -Do the same for the other side.
4)  Test it. (Side with tab = Side A , Side with hole = Side B)
        -Wrap it around your wrist (with the ends on the top) and try to force the corner of end A into the hole on end B. Once you've gotten the corner through, try to pull that whole flap through it. If it doesn't work very well, you might want to widen the hole.
        -When you're satisfied, take it off and proceed to the next step.
5)  What was the lighter for?
        -Most likely your strap is going to have lots of fibers sticking out after you cut it. The lighter is extremely useful here. Take a lighter and just melt all of the loose fibers you can find. Do this around the hole, the tab, everything. Once you're satisfied and the strap doesn't have any more loose fibers, you can continue to the next step. (if you don't want to paint a design on yours, skip to step 7)
6)  Design (Recommended)
        -Refer to the diagram again. (The box that says "Design".
        -Coat that area with paint the same color as the band. Make about 3-4 coats for the best results.
        -Make sure you know exactly what you're planning to paint. I decided to write "BRONY" on mine.
        -When the background coating of paint has dried for the last time, paint whatever you want over it. (the first couple of coatings makes painting the design itself much easier)
7)  WEAR IT.