Introduction: Custom Xbox Speaker System

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Hello this is my first instructable. A little bit about my self I'm 15 and I have far to much free time. This instructable was accomplished over a couple of months but with dedication you maybe be able to accomplish in a couple of week ends. Another note to mention is that no fully functioning Xbox's were harmed in the making of this BEAST!! Also remember to follow all safety protocol when using any of the tools that require it... I will not be held responsible for any accidents yada yada yada

Step 1: Materials Needed:

. 3.5 mm headphone jack replacement . 30 gauge wire is what I used . some speakers, I got mine from an old gm car . computer speaker system with sub woofer/ built in amp, I used cyber accoustic CA 3602 a 2.1 speaker system which I highly recommend . EL wire with sound controlled inverter . a sheet of plexi glass . 2 Xbox's . tools that are easily interpreted through out this 'ible. . paint supplies( I use car quality supplies but its very expensive so if your interested in exactly what comment below . insta weld glue was used and is pretty awesome . body filler of your choice, if you need reccomendations comment below . probably other stuff that I can't seem to remember right now

Step 2: De Wiring and Re Wiring

Initially this was a one Xbox job so I don't have pictures of the first half. Being that I used cyber accoustic speaker system to branch off of, I cannot promise the same results of other brands. So this starts off by cutting the original satellite speakers from the wire the were attached. This was done because I took 2 speakers off a broken tv and attached them to the wires the channel of left and right is irrelevant because of the close proximity. You officially have one half of the Xbox internals complete! The other half is a little more complex. For the other Xbox you will keep the original speakers and attach them to, if your like me, old infinity speakers. One original speaker to one infinity speaker, Is the deal here. Now you will attach the wires for the left channel, right channel, and both grounds. From this point you will be attaching those wires to the replacement 3.5 mm input jack I will try to make a diagram as I assume that was hard to follow also something to mention is that everything was soldered together. Its a good idea to test this before going on

Step 3: Xbox Window

This is pretty simple i just made a hole with a drill so i could get the jig saw blade through and cut a prefectly imperfect square. The objective how ever is to do actually do a perfect square, but aint nobody got time fo dat! Its good to know the orientation of the speakers already before deciding how big to cut the square.

Step 4: Make the Acrylic Window

So here you have to cut the acrylic the size of the square you cut xbox once you have it about as flush as you can start adhering! I used insta weld but im sure some good hot glue will work, make sure that is very firmly in place. Next youll mask off both sides of the acrylic with tape leave the edge where the the clear meets the xbox open. Use body filler, i used something high quality but bondo will probably work just fine. You want to fill the gaps completely. Youll want to sand it all smooth once it dries. I used grits from 600 to 1000 to get it completely smooth.

Step 5: Painting Process

So i used car quality house of kolor and dupont paint so its not worth going into extreme detail. First use bulldog adhesion promotor on the whole thing. Now on both xbox' / trim i put down a silver base coat, painted the sub box too but have no pictures of it. Than i took one set of the trim and the xbox with the window and set them aside. They will stay silver. The other xbox i masked off my initials and put on a pink kind of color over the silver. This step gets into the expensive side, i used a little pink and silver flake with sg100 intercoat clear. If your using rattle can paint on everything else i would skip this step. Next i put fast flash dupont clear on. If your not using car paint i would either use the bulldog or buy a rattle can clear coat to finish it off. Also the only reason i know so much about paint is because im in a lowrider family

Step 6: Putting in the Speakers

Theres many many different ways to accomplish this. For the pink one( with no window) i left the speakers in there previous encasement because i didnt want to have to take the tweeters out. For the clear face xbox i bolted on the infinity speakers directly to the acrylic and just glued on the originals. If you could think of a way without glue i would do that because it doesnt look very clean. Also i drilled sound vents into the acrylic in front of the speakers

Step 7: Add El Wire

You Can do this any way you want! its pretty "clear" to see how i did mine

Step 8: Final Words and Video Demo

so this was no easy task for a fifteen year old.i would appreciate it so much if you voted for this in the sound hack contest. if you have any questions comment below and without further adooooo the video
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