Introduction: Custom Fit Earbuds With Sugru

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I'm sure I'm not the only one with ear canals that are just too small for in-ear earbuds (no matter how many "custom" inserts they come with). I once tried to make a pair of "innies" stay in my ears by forcing them (not recommended).

  1. It's pretty darn painful
  2. I blink and they pop out.
  3. It's not practical.
  4. Did I mention painful?

Needless to say they just don't work for me. Earbuds on the other hand worked for me as long as I was doing a low-key activity. Imagine my plight when the "innies" started getting more and more popular and good quality "buds" where getting more and more sparse. :'( boo hoo However, more vigorous activities proved too much for my beloved "buds".

BUT! What can't be fixed or improved without a little brainstorming? :D

Gather around my little eared friends and make some custom fit earbuds on the cheap with me!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

  • Earbuds (Gumy by JVC are my go-to choice)
  • Scissors
  • Sugru x1 (I don't need to tell you to pick a color that you likey)

Step 2: Prepare Yourself

Prepare thyself....Meditate, cleanse your heart of all impurity, and train daily so you can make your ears wiggle like Alfalfa.


Just make sure your hands are clean and that your work space is as well. Depending on the color of Sugru you chose this is crucial to keeping that color from getting dirty or having undesired specks of your last project to follow you for the life of your earbuds. I chose black so I made sure my work space was spotless. Now, you say your hands are clean and I believe you but can even get dead skin trapped in the Sugru and depending on the color it will be visible . (ew) So scrub your palms and digits a little. While you're at it wipe your ears out really well with a washcloth....there's a lot of dead skin in there, too. Ask me how I know. Go ahead...just ask.

Step 3: Prepare the Sugru

Now that we are all squeaky clean and just a little exfoliated it's time to prepare the Sugru!

1. Remove the Sugru from (1) wee package
2. Roll it all into a little ball
3. Make a snake out of it
4. CUT THE SNAKE IN HALF!!! ( *maniacal laughter*)

Step 4: Now Introduce the Sugru to the Earbud

Wild and domesticated Sugru is naturally clingy and impressionable upon first hatching. It is within the first few hours your Sugru will look to you and it's new friend for the meaning of life. After 24 hours it's fate is sealed. No pressure or anything.

1. Take 1/2 of the Sugru and make another little snake.
2. Wrap the snake around the earbud pressing a little make it adhere to the bud.

Step 5: Now Customize!

Put that whole thing in your ear and press and massage around until the earbud and Sugru set just right inside the outer well of your ear. *DO NOT PUT SUGRU INTO YOU EAR CANAL PLEASE!* Then take it all out and see what the shape of your ear looks like! (It may take a couple tries until you are confident you got it out as best as possible without disturbing the shape. If you think you messed up just press it back in and try try again.)

Step 6: Hang Them Up to Set

Now hang them up somewhere to set and dry where they won't be disturbed for the next 24 hours.

Step 7: *Minor Modifications and Tips

Now when you put on your "Sugru-buds" you may find that over a little period of time they tend to be tight in certain spots. If you are having this problem just shave little by little at those spots with a pocketknife.

Some ideas to make your earbuds even better:

• use different colors for each bud to help you differentiate between Right and Left
• Combine this Instructable with one of these!

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