Introduction: Custom Frosted Glassware

How to make custom frosted glassware using the Silhouette Portrait.

Make vinyl sandblasting stencils that are flexible on curved surfaces.

Step 1: Choose Your Image.

I went to Google and found the image I wanted.

Type: Name images < your name > and pick something.

I find it easiest to print out a few choices and then scan the winner into the Silhouette Portrait using my printer/scanner.

A printer/scanner is a vital part of using this machine and the Silhouette can also send things to be printed and you cannot use the registration feature without a printer.

Step 2: Scan Your Image.

Place your image or images on your scanner then under the file tab, use the scan feature built into the Portrait machine.

Step 3: Trace Your Image.

After your scan you must now trace your image to create the outline for the vinyl cutting.

Open the Trace window and click on "Select Trace Area " then drag a box around your image.

Sometimes adjusting the "High Pass Filter" helps to get a clean outline, especially with multi colored images.

Since this lettering has internal areas to cut, make sure to choose the Trace tab.

I set this to 18 and it gave a great outline

Step 4: Check Your Trace.

Next check to see how your trace turned out, you may have to make a few attempts before you get it right.

You can back up from your " bad trace " by hitting CTRL-Z until it returns to the point before your bad trace, then adjust the high pass filter and try again.

Once you have a good trace you can move your image off the page, you will work with the outline from here on.

Step 5: Clean Up and Group Your Image.

There may be extra lines or marks from the scan that can be erased now. After clean up, drag a box around your image outline and you will notice each letter is a separate part, Right click and choose "Group" to make all the letters act as a group.

Step 6: Resize and Duplicate and Save Your Image.

Now you can drag by the corner to change the size and rotate if you like.

You can duplicate your outline and drag the copy into place.

Use the file tab to Save to library when you are happy with where things are.

Step 7: Prepare to Cut.

With your vinyl on the cutting matt, set the mat against the wheels and press the top button, this will pull the matt in slightly. Next open the Cut Settings window and pick your material. This will then tell you what your blade setting should be and check your blade setting.

Select " Send To Silhouette" Sometimes the connection fails and will send an error message, just turn power off on the Silhouette and back on then it should go through.

Make sure there is no objects or things that the material can bind on that could disrupt your cut, basically you need a little room behind the machine for the material that passes through the machine.

Step 8: Seperation Cut ( Optional )

I some times work off the end of a long roll so I like to get the most from the material.

I have found it easy to run a second "layer" cut to separate the pieces from the roll easier.

After my vinyl cut has run I leave the matt in the machine. I then ad a few straight lines to separate my pieces staying about 1/2" inside the cut area lines. This helps to avoid running off the sheet and grabbing the matt.

I then grab and drag the image outlines off the page. Now remove the cutter and set the blade to 4 and adjust your cut settings to " Cardstock " then Send to Silhouette. After this cut you can close the file and pick " don't save changes" to get your image back where they should be. You can be very thrifty with your materials in this way.

Step 9: Pick and Prepare Your Masking Stencil.

Pick the pieces of vinyl out of the stencil that you will not need and the cover the stencil with blue painters tape.

Step 10: Apply Your Mask to Your Glassware.

Wrap the whole thing around your glassware and rub down the vinyl removing the tape carefully.

Protect the glassware with blue tape around your stencil.

Step 11: Time for Sandblasting.

Sand blast your stencil to an even texture and rinse thoroughly.

Step 12: Win the Praise of Someone Special.

Taa Daa!