Introduction: Custom Home Made Decals

title says it all but this is allot cheaper!!! if there are any misspells sorry im a fast typer
i wanted to do this for my company and the decal im creating in this ible is of my company logo
hope you like

Step 1: Materials

thing you will need

first of - vinyl decal sheets - i got mine from ups store 2   2-.5 foot sheets $5 
razors, and exact-o razor 
glass - you can use an old picture frame glass if you have one
paper - any kind printer paper worked for me
tape - scotch preferred
pen, pencil, or sharpy
external monitor - now adays every one should have these and if you'r reading this 50-50 chance you have 1 :)
and plenty of patience/time 

Step 2: Decision

now that we have all materials lets start

your going to want to figure out what image you want a decal of this can be anything you want
but keep it simple! what i chose was my company logo 
if there are more than one color you are cutting out separate the colors

Step 3: Transfering

this is a simple step all we need to do is take are digital copy of image and transfer it onto paper
take your monitor and lay it down flat with the image opened at the size you want lay your pane of glass over the image 
and then the paper and trace the outline

Step 4:

once you finish tracing.
place the decal vinyl  on the glass and the trace over decal vinyl then cut along the outline

Step 5: Assembly

once you have averything cut out and looking pretty
we can now assemble the decal


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