Introduction: Custom Shutter Sound for Your Android Camera

It could be a funny or a stylish classic sound you can hear when taking pictures with your Android phone.

We are not able to change the default shutter sound through Camera application settings.

This tutorial doesn't require any paid app or some programming skills and it's not a reverse engineering hack.

All you need is :

Rooted android phone
Root browser app (or any alternative)
New Shutter sound effect
An audio converter to convert to .ogg format (possible online via a website)

Step 1: Prepare the New Shutter Sound

You can google for any camera sound effect. The shutter sound must be in .ogg format

If you are not familiar with audio conversion, you can use the following website to do the job for you :

Copy this file to your SD card and name it Camera_click.ogg

I uploaded the sound I'm using here.

Step 2: Replace the Old Effect

1 - Download Root Browser from Google play, install it and grant root access for this app
2 - Launch this browser and navigate to System/ media/ audio/ ui
3- In UI  folder you will find all android system sounds. Find Camera_click.ogg
    hit on this filename and choose Rename
4 - We will make a backup of the old sound by renaming it : Camera_click-bak.ogg for example
5 - Slide to the left... you will be directed to your SDcard folder, navigate to the folder where you have your new sound,
select it and choose Copy
6- Slide to the right ... We are back in the UI folder... click Paste
7 - Now we hit on the new Camera_click.ogg file and we click on Permissions
8 - Change (ticks) permissions like in the attached picture
The entire Read column and only the first line of Write comumn

And you are done with the old boring sound ! have fun :)