Introduction: Custom Washers for My Motorcycle

I have a second seat for my motorcycle and the metal part that attaches to my fender keeps scratching the paint.  

Step 1: Gather Materials

first I get my bracket that the washer needs to fit on, the cap to a bottle that is the right size for the outside circumference of the washer, Sugru and some soapy water to smooth the Sugru.

Step 2: Roll the Sugru

Roll the Sugru into a ball, this helps warm it up to make it more malleable.
Then flatten out the Sugru to your desired thickness.  Mine is about a 1/4 of an inch.  This should help me keep the metal plate off my fender.

Step 3:

Use your bottle cap or other object to cut into the Sugru for the outside edge. 
Then use another cap or object to cut the internal hole.
Next use the soapy water to smooth out and shape the washer.

Step 4:

Check the fit to make sure the bolt will fit inside the washer and that the washer is not too large for the bracket.  Let it cure for 24 hours and then put it on the bike.