Introduction: Customise Your Rug, Everyday

Hello again, Folks.

I am back and this time with a DIY rug, that you can customise as and when you need. and guess what??

Step 1: Materials Required

For this DIY, all you need is a set of old newspapers, a pair of scissors, a stapler/Glue (optional).

and your creativity :D

Step 2: Getting Started

Fold the newspapers length wise or breadth wise, depending upon your size requirements.

fold it approximately 4 times so tat it has a good thickness.

Repeat the process till you have the thickness equal to what you have thought it to be. in my case, i have made a 6X6 sheet rug.

Now arrange them. equal number in horizontal position and equal number in vertical.

Step 3: Weave

Weave the arrangement as shown in the pictures for sturdiness.

Staple the ends for a better finishing.

HACK:You can staple the resulting rug on a flex paper(optional) just to make it handy . You can also stick a double sided tape on the back of the rug, to make it immobile.

Step 4: Creativity Time

Almost everyday, we have something on the newspapers tat catches our eye. It maybe a car we like, a dress code we like, an actor/actress we fantasise or anything.Get those pictures out from the paper and stick it to your Rug. this would make it look super Awesome,believe me.

Some of the top layers, you can change everyday are given in the pictures .

Hope you liked this Instructable, and if yes, please do vote for me. :D