Introduction: Customising a Cabinet/stencil

About: From September 2015 I'll be Studying LV3 Accident and repair paint (Car painting), I enjoy drawing Manga, like problem solving and customising things and making them my own

This is my first tutorial and the project went abit wrong for reasons I'll correct for the tutorial despite this I'm really happy with how it came out

Step 1: Tools and Equipment

Craft knife and new blades
Random orbital sander (optional)
Filler card and bored
Abranet Block (filler sanding block)

Random orbital sander disks P240, P320 and P400 (P500 if using metallics) or Production paper with the same grades
Abranet abrasive pads P80 and P180 for filler (P240 and P320 if you want to sand high build)
filler and activator (I used car body filler because that's what I know)
High build primer
Primer (I used cheap trade spray)
Paints (White trade spray and Black old primer I wanted to use up)
Clear coat (I used plasitcoat)
I recommend getting all the same brand of HB primer, primer, paint and clear coat
Guide coat
Masking tape
Tack cloths

A mask for organic compounds
Laytex gloves (or most appropriate)
goggles (I never really use but should)

Step 2: Taking Everything Apart

Take the draws out and if nessasery the top off and remove any stickers or stains that could soak through
washing the fill thing might also be a good idea

Step 3: Filler

Use a mask when sanding and Laytex gloves for mixing and applying
Fill and flat the worst parts
Golf ball of filler to a pea of Hardener and mix well till the hardener fully mixed in
Try fill as smooth and close as possible 90º angle with the card will apply no filler then change the pressure on the card depending on the damage
P80 Abranet to shape and P180 to finish off and remove P80 scratches

Step 4: Prep for HB Primer

P240 to remove any P180 scratches
P320 using a random orbital sander to remove the P240 scratches
P320 should be a good key for the Primer I didn't Abrade mine enough so there was some Adhesion problems

Step 5: HB Primer

Use mask for spraying
Clean surface of dust, degrease and tack cloth
I used Halfords HB Primer because it was left over but I don't recommend it to be honest
follow instructions on the can
Give it enough coats to cover any small imperfections
leave 24h or recommend time before flatting
Guide coat
flat with P240, P320 till the guide coat is gone
Reapply and flat again if nessasery

Step 6: Primer

Clean surface of dust, degrease and tack cloth
Read instructions on the can and spray till you achieve opacity (full coverage)
you can eather spray when still soft or wait for it to cure and flat with P400

Step 7: Bace (White Coat)

Use a mask
Clean surface of dust, degrease and tack cloth
Read instructions on can and spray till achieve opacity
If you get runs wait for it to cure fully and flat with P1000 (can't remember exactly) use a block

Step 8: Printing Stencil

There are a fue Stencils on the Internet some are wall decals
Crop and edit where needed
I used Paint on the PC to size and remove big areas to save ink

Step 9: Putting It Together

Different picture but the same concept
Cut all the pages to size and peace them together with masking tape
Use the lines to line it up
also cut some holes in blank areas to hold it in place later

Step 10: Masking

When the paint has cured fully cover in low tack masking tape
if you worried about it pulling up paint of somthing you can put in on your trousers and pull it off again to take some tack off

Step 11: Cutting Out

Now for the long but intresting part
Put the paper over the masking tape secure it
Think about what parts your cutting it out

Step 12: Painting (black)

The pictures with some masking removed
you could gray scotch or abrade it with some p400
Read instructions on the can
spray light coatsand cover make sure there's no dry spray
depending on the affect depends on the amount you want to spray

Step 13: Peeling Off the Masking

Reveal your work
Rse a hair dryer if you want it makes it easier to remove the masking

Step 14: Clear Coat

Read the instructions on the can and clear coat it
you could apply alot of coats and try flat it with wet and dry then polish it

Step 15: Putting It Back Together

I ran out of time on this project so I roughly sprayed the rest of it and put it back together

Step 16: Conclusion

I really enjoyed this project even with its ups and downs
I hope it inspires somr people to do something the same or similar
Just remember to where a mask in dusty situations or when spraying even though I didn't put it on a lot of the steps use your common sense and have fun :)