Introduction: Customizable K'nex Fidget Spinners.

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Fidget spinners are almost everywhere these days. Almost everyone has one, and you probably have two or three sitting around somewhere, unless you are like me and can't get one. If you are, you have come to the right place! These spinners are cheap, or even free if your have knex already, and you can make them yourself without having to get a bearing. They are better in some ways, and in some ways worse. Let's look at a pros and cons list.


You can make your own.


You can take them apart.


Doesn't spin as long.

Easier to come apart.

The place you put your fingers isn't as good.

Enough talk. Let's get making!

Step 1: Parts List

I won't be making a parts list, so skip on to the next step. Do you really have to have one? Oh fine, I guess I can make one if you need it so bad. With these parts you should be able to make really cool spinners, but you might need some pieces that are not on this list.


Dark Gray - 4

Light Gray - 4

Orange - 4

Red - 4

White - 1


Green - 4

White - 5


Y-clips - 4

End Caps - 2

Blue Spacers - 2

Tan Clips - 2

Step 2: Making the Base

To start, you take a white connector and slide it on a white rod. Put a spacer on each side of the connector and put end caps on the ends of the rod. If you don't have end caps, than use a tan clip instead of the end caps.

Step 3: Adding to the Base

Now its time to add to the base! There are four different ways I like to start. One: Snap four green rods on the base. Two: Snap four Y-clips on the base. Three: Take four white rods and snap them on the base. Four: Snap four white rods on the base, but clip them on up and down. If you do this, you will have to put tan clips instead of end caps. (see pic 4 if this is confusing) Now its time to get creative! If you want to get wacky spinners, than use lots of Y-clips. There is a 'rule' that you will have to follow to make the spinner spin better, though. It is to make sure each side is equally spaced and has the exact same weight. To do this, you must make the spinner have two, four or eight sides, and each side must have the same amount of pieces in the same place. With this design you cannot make the spinner have three sides like most actual ones.

Step 4: Done!

You have just made a fidget spinner! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Step 5: Gallery

Do an I Made It and show a pic of your favorite spinner and a pic of you spinning it. Made up a name for it, and I will put the pics and the name here. My favorite would probably be what I call the Spinny Spiral. (pics 1 and 2)

Have fun!