Introduction: Customizable Led Badge With Switch

This project was designed for the Minimusica Festival in Valencia, Spain on may 2018. Activity for parents and kids.
Susana Monteagudo Críos&Roll

Based on

Paper Circuit PinSparkfun

Digital Bling The Tinkering Studio Exploratorium San Francisco

Materials needed:

Copper Tape 5mm

Coin Cell Battery CR2032

Diode Led 5mm, RGB flashing is a good option

All metal Binding Clip 19mm

Safety pin 38mm

Hole Punch

Adhesive Tape


White cardstock for printing the card printable Download

Black or other color Cardstock

Color Paper


Silicon Glue Gun

Step 1: Print the Pdf in a Cardstock and Start With the Copper Tape

Follow to the other side without cutting.

Step 2: Cut the Copper Tape and Start With the Second Section of the Circuit

Follow to the other side of the cardstock without cut it. Fold the copper tape at corners as described in step 2 of

Step 3: Finish the Circuit

Cut the copper and follow with the last section of the circuit, folding in the corners.

Step 4: Make a Hole and Insert the Led

Make a hole between the two sections of the circuit and insert the led as shown in the picture

Step 5: Bend the Legs

Be careful and attach the shorter leg in contact with the negative side of the circuit and the larger one with the positive one.

Step 6: Fix the Legs With Adhesive Tape

Step 7: Insert the Coin Cell Battery

Fold the paper as shown in the picture and insert the coin cell battery with the positive side up.

Step 8: Prepare the Clip

Insert the safety pin inside the binding clip as shown in the picture

Step 9: The Circuit Is Finished!

Hold the coin cell with the clip

The binding clip works as switch: when is up the light is off, when down, the light is on.

Step 10: Now, Customize It!

Draw a circle in a cardstock big enough to cover the entire card. You can decorate it with a figure in felt, a circle in color paper, or whatever you want... Then make a hole in all of them at the position of the led. Attach it.

Step 11: Glue All

Glue all the elements with silicone and ¡that's all!