Introduction: Customizable Peppers Ghost

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Here we build a customizable peppers ghost pyramid for tablets and similar. With OpenScad, paramertic designs are allowed, so you just need to adapt outer size, display size and decide for a height. Afterwards, you can check the design in a 3D preview as well as export two design files for the transparent pyramid and the obaque Structure around it. I used 3mm cartoon for testing and afterward 3mm wood as well as 1mm acrylic - but you can also adapt the material thickness within the OpenScad file. Afterwards glue the structure together.

Step 1: Design and Assembly

When you open the PeppersGhost.scad file you will find some parameter at the beginning,

So we go first for the pyramid with its height (screenZ with a removed top part of screenOffset) and width (screenX), the latter ressemble the smaller dimension of the visible screen and the pyramids square base plate.

displayX, displayY and displayR are the tabletts outer dimension, length, with and radius of its corners.

With an uncommented display3D() you can get a preview of the structure, animateBuild will give you an animated assembly instruction, while display2DT() and display2DB gives the 2D files for lasercutting in obaque and transparent material.

Before cutting them check the Dimensions, i got a scaling problem betwen Scad and laser cutter driver, but this can be solved by scaling.

Both svg files as well as the assembly movie can be downloaded here.

After Lasercutting, first glue the four columns together as well as the two parts of the bottom. Insert also the columns (longer pin) into the four holes for correct postion. Afterwards glue the top piece on the columns.

Finally the four transparent pieces are inserted. They are set in from the side one after each other and fixated with glue in each corner at the bottom as well es from the top side. Especially the last one might get problematic, a piece of duct tape might help to adjust it at the right position.

Step 2: Ready to Use

You can find nice videos for peppers ghost pyramids e.g. on youtube. Another option is also making your own one, one simple way would be using a presentation software with four videos playing independent on each side. Just make sure that you use black background and arrange the videos in a square. Of course, in this way you can also make adapt a real presentation for holgraphic view on faires.