Introduction: Customizable Person (by Andy IV)

I started out trying to make a super hero with lots of moving parts and then I figured "Why not make a customizable person with an optional cape?" so that it could be a super hero or a regular person. I made this for the contest.


  • Parts Model
  • 3D Printer (you could order a print online or check if your library has one you can use)

Step 1: Get the Parts

Download all these parts and then go to the next step.

Step 2: Slice It!

To make a 3D printer print a model, you need to "slice" it. My dad got a 3D printer for Christmas and it came with a slicing program for making 3D stuff. He has printed a lot of cool things so far like a space shuttle with astronauts and a firetruck with firefighters.

Step 3: Print It!

Remember that the side you print support structure on will not look very good. Also, you should probably print the head first and then the head accessories because that is the most customizable thing. You don't have to do it in this order, but I would suggest this order:

  1. head
  2. face parts
  3. hair
  4. cape and poles
  5. torso
  6. arm (x2)
  7. leg (x2)
  8. hands (various)
  9. bullet (as many as you want)

I got the idea for the bullets from Monsters vs. Aliens where they have designs painted on the side of their missiles. When you print the cape it will have a cool design on it.

Step 4: Assembly

  1. Attach your desired mouth to the bottom hole on the sphere of the head
  2. Attach your desired eyes to the middle hole on the sphere of the head
  3. Attach your desired hair to the top of the head
  4. If you want to put the cape on, then slide it next to the head so that it is aligned with the tube on the bottom of the head and slide the long pole into the hole
  5. Attach the customized head onto the torso
  6. Slide the small pole through one of the arms
  7. Slide the small pole with the arm on it into the torso
  8. Attach the other arm to the other side of the small pole
  9. Attach one of the right hands onto the right arm
  10. Attach one of the left hands onto the left arm
  11. Attach the legs to the bottom side of the torso

You have now made your customizable person!