Customizable Planter - Fusion 360

Introduction: Customizable Planter - Fusion 360

I chose this project because Father's Day is coming up and I wanted to make something for him. This project is not very difficult although it helps to know all of the essential tools.

Step 1: Sketch 1

The first thing you want to do is make a center diameter circle on the origin point and make it as big or small as you want. I gave mine a diameter of 2.50 inches.

Step 2: Offset Plane

After you sketch the circle you need to create an offset plane. The distance from the circle can be however tall you want it but I made mine 3 inches.

Step 3: Sketch 2

After you make the offset plane you need to make a 2 point rectangle on the plane. You can make this how big or small you want but I made mine a 3.50 inch x 3.50 inch.

Step 4: Loft

Once you make the rectangle you need to loft these two shapes. You do that by going into the create drop-down and selecting loft.

Step 5: Fillet

I decided to fillet the main edges by 0.15 inches to give it a more clean look.

Step 6: Hole

To give a spot for the soil and plant I used the hole and shaped it to fit to the edges and then made it go down 2.60 inches.

Step 7: Phrase

After I holed the planter I turned it to the bottom and made a sketch to fit text in. I used a rectangle and extuded it inwards to write text and extrude that. You can write anything, I put Happy Father's Day Dad.

Step 8: Offset Plane 2

To start on the face I made an offset plane and made it go 1.70 inches away from the orgin.

Step 9: Sketch

After you make the offset plane make a sketch on it and then make whatever face you want. I made this face.

Step 10: Extrude

Extrude the face you made in the sketch. I chose to cut it inwards but its could also be extruded outwards.

Step 11: Offset Plane

Make another offset plane on the XY axis. Then bring it our -1.90 inches.

Step 12: Sketch

Then, using the offset plane we just made, make a sketch that resembles an arm. Make it however big you want.

Step 13: Extrude

Then extrude that sketch by .60 inches.

Step 14: Sketch

Then make another sketch on top of the arm that consists of a 2 point rectangle with the dimensions in the screen shot/

Step 15: Extrude

Then extruded that sketch by .80 inches. I also added a .30 in fillet on the corner of the arm.

Step 16: Mirror

Then mirror the arms across the object to make them on both sides.

Step 17: Fillet the Arms

Finally fillet the top corner of the arms with a .25 in fillet.

Step 18: You're Done!

Enjoy your new planter box!

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    Thanks for sharing your design, do you intend to print it?