Introduction: Customizable Earrings

Hi everyone, this is a very simple idea to custom easily your earrings, I hope it will inspire you :)

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OK, all girls had at least once this dilemma : how to match my earrings with my outfit, when I wear a color that I don't already have?
Simple trick : make your earrings customizable with clasps.

You will need : pliers, rings, jewelry chain, earrings primers, 2 clasps, and charms.

To make it nice, think about having 2 chains on each earring, and only one of it will have a clasp on it. If you have only one, with the clasp, it may not look so good.

The last photo shows you how to bend the rings for it not to break : on the sides!

You can make charms by putting a mini piton in an existing object. You can basically do it on any object made of plastic. Just be patient while screwing, screw slow but firm.

You will find charm material almost everywhere, on pencil cases, sometimes clothes, and of course, old jewelry that you don't wear anymore.

And that's it : from blue to purple, custom earrings on demand <3