Introduction: Customize Boon With Doll Eyes

At the first Maker Faire in Lille, my wife saw a tiny dinosaur very cute, and it was Boon from 3dkitBash.

She wanted to have this toy and add it to the todo list for our first 3d Printer. (you can get the model from here : ).

Another model on the 3D kit bash web site is Quinn, which can be customized with doll eyes (see : ).

After a first Boon printed on my 3D printer, I thought it could be great to give dool eyes to him like Quin and bought some 14mm BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) doll eyes. Alas, those eyes doesn't fit the eye-socket.

There is a flat area in the eye-socket, and there is not so much room for the stem, so it was not possible to use directly BJD eyes but such eyes give so much personnality to the Tiny T-rex that it worth the extra work !

Step 1: Material and Tools

You'll need a printed Boon, the tiny T-rex from 3DKitBash :

and at least 2 14mm BJD eyes (I 'd buyed those on amazon

And a sanding tool, I only used my Dremel rotary tool, a JD4000, with a sanding belt.

Step 2: Print Boon

Boon can be printed without support.

For best results, print one piece at a time, at low speed.

Chose any color, but you can change colors for some pieces like eyes and tongue.

In a hurry (for example, your daughter has been just invited at birthday party tomorrow and you need a present quickly, true story) you can print several pieces on a plate overnight at low resolution.

Step 3: Re-shape Eyes

I advice you to print original 3D printed eyes for Boon, they will be guide to re-shape doll eyes.

Use a sanding belt on a rotary tool (or another sanding tool) to flaten the right part of the doll eye, giving a correct position to the iris.

Remove a large part of the stem.

Often compare to the original 3D printed eye.

Try the doll eye in the eye-socket and fine tune if needed.

Step 4: Admire Your Work and Rejoice

The model by itself is already awesome, but with doll eyes it is really great and it really look alive.

Adding dool eyes to this tiny dinosaur brings icing on the cake, especially if you plan to use it as a gift for boys and girls :)

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