Introduction: Customize Jeans With DIY Appliques and Patches

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Dress up thrift store jeans with DIY appliques and patches. This project takes less than 1 hour to make thanks to some fusible adhesive.

Step 1: Prewash the Floral Fabric

Wash and dry the floral fabric the same way you would the final garment.

Step 2: Iron the Back of the Fabric With Iron-on Adhesive

I ironed the back of the fabric with HeatnBond iron-on adhesive with a dry iron set on medium heat.

Step 3: Cut Out Flowers From the Fused Fabric

Cut out a variety of flowers in different sizes.

Step 4: Peel Off the Paper Backing

Peel off the paper backing of the flowers. You should have a thick layer of adhesive.

Step 5: Iron Appliques to Jeans

Arrange the appliques in a pattern you like and iron them to the jeans.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Jeans

Wear you beautiful jeans with pride!

Step 7: Watch the Video

Watch the video to see how this all comes together