Introduction: Customize Your Doormat on the Cheap

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Ever Thought about getting your own custom doormat?A lot of use have considered ordering such an expensive rug to rub your feet on.
But there is a lazy mans frugal alternative.

Well it is really for the Lazy and cheap of you out head on to step one to learn more.

Step 1: Getting a Doormat

first thing you have to do is :

choose a doormat.

The technique I show you works best on cheap synthetics so no fancy wool or cotton mat required, just pick a cheap plastic rug from the dollar store or in my Case I got the cheapest doormat OPLEV at my nearest IKEA.

Step 2: Video Tutorial

Watch this Video

to see me apply my personal Logo onto the doormat.

The Video is in German ,but you can see every Step clearly, it is not necessery to understand any of the words that leave my mouth in a hard to decipher language.

Step 3: Making a Stencil and Painting

As you have seen in the Video, you just have to print out your desired Design.

Laminate it or glue it on cardboard, cut it out with a fine exacto blade. and use apply the design as follows:

Clean the doormat with alcohol

to get rid of fatty residue from manufacturing and your greasy fingers.

Put the Stencil on and cover the rest of the mat with Tape or paper.

to avoid overspray and to hold your design firmly on the mat.

Use first: plastic primer, which you can get at car-body shops or automitve supply dealers.

(it is used for priming bumpers of cars).

After you let this first coat dry

apply Spraypaint in your desired colour .

Repeat this step 2 times and lastly

remove the tape and Stencil and cover the whole mat with some clear spray coating (which helps in making your design last longer)

I used the mat in the Video at MAKER FAIRE VIENNA 2016 ( and it stood up well against the feet of 6000 Visitors.

So grab some cheap doormat and make your own custom version the cheap lazy mans Way!

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