Introduction: Customize Your Notebook (or Any Object) With Stamps

About: Known in other pages as Juanke234 or L99, I'm a young person which likes to make great things with few resources.

Hi, I'm Kevin and I transformed a simple notebook in a stylish philatelic notebook. This means it's decorated with stamps.

A few moths ago a friend gave me many Deutsch stamps he didn't want. Absolutely all of them are repeated, so I wanted to decorate my boring notebook with them.

This is easy, fun and if well done, visually stunning.


  • A notebook to decorate
  • Stamps
  • Glue stick if needed

Are your ready? Let's go

Step 1: Preparing the Design

If you already have stamps, this won't be a problem for you.

Because the stamps will cover the original surface I recommend you to mark in it the stamps you'll use. You can also imagine the design and arrange your stamps to check if it's the result you really want.

Bigger compositions will need more stamps. I used an A6 sized notebook and this was easy to remember, but bigger notebooks like A4 will be harder to remember. If you prefer you can paste your stamps "on-the-fly" without planning.

Step 2: Pasting Your Stamps

Once you've chosen your stamps it's time to paste them.

You should consider the following advices:

  • When pasting stamps you have a unique opportunity, so plan carefully before pasting a stamp.
  • Stamps will overlap, so plan again about layers.
  • If possible, mix different types (buildings, persons,...) and sizes to make an original composition.
  • New stamps are autoadhesive (no need to lick), but you will need to lick old stamps.
  • Have fun!

These are some advices but there are no rules, so be original and creative.

Step 3: Final Results (comparison at Next Step)

The result is an attractive non-boring notebook. As I said, this is a very easy project, so anyone can do this, and the stamps give an extra personality to the design because nowadays few people uses letters (and then stamps) to communicate,etc... A little retro detail.

I still using letters to communicate, draw Mail-Art, exchange stamps... I'm 16 years old but I like it (I started with nearly 15)

In next step there are "decorated VS normal".

I hope you liked this - keep making!


Step 4: Comparison: Decorated VS Normal

As you can see, this collage of stamps gives to the notebook (or any object - your phone case, for example) a good-looking aspect.

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