Introduction: Customize Your Leather High Heels!

Spruce up an old pair of high heels by customizing them! You can put whatever design you want!  I tool this old pair to the Techshop in Menlo Park and did just that!  All you need is basic CorelDraw knowledge and the ability to use the lasers at the Techshop.

Step 1: Getting Set Up.

So after I chose what images I wanted to put on my high heels I measured the toe area and heel area of my high heels.  I then adjusted the images I put into CorelDraw so that they would fit in these areas.

After all my file work was done I set up my heels in the laser.  I simply put them onto the bed of the laser and propped them up to be more level with some bolts I found in the laser room.

Then I focused the laser by adjusting the bed up until the laser focus touched my heels where I thought the best imaging would come out.  The heels have a lot of contour so I had to focus on the area where I thought the least distortion would occur from the laser.

Step 2: Setting Your Home.

Once the laser is focused you need to set your home to the region in which you want to laser.  Disable the XY and turn on the pointer.  Then bring the head of the laser to the spot you want and push "Set Home".  Once that is done you can put the appropriate setting in to the preferences and send your job.

I wanted images on the toe and the heel so once I was done with the heel I had to repeat the process for the toe.  Once one heel was done I simply repeated all the steps for the other heel.  It's as easy as that!  I hope this instructable has inspired you to personalize your high heels!