Customized Gaming Mouse Pad

Introduction: Customized Gaming Mouse Pad

We all can be bored with those stupid regular greenish mouse pads. Right? yeah. But you would say we can also buy customized mouse pads too, True, you can do it. But I say, why spend 5-10$ on a thing which I will show you how to do with just 1-2$. What's more the "regular" in store pads will never have as much options and size as you want. So you can make almost any of your favourite image/character into a long lasting gaming mouse pad. This I true customization!

Step 1: Materials

First of all I have not tried this thing with a laser printer, but you can go ahead. Maybe it will turn out awesome. I used regular inkjet printers used at home.

Now, apart from inkjet printer you need pretty basic supplies

1. Paper

2. Low strength glues for temporary gluing.

3. A white cotton/linen cloth, which you can take from old tees or shirts. To ensure best quality use a cloth which feels great with mouse use. Try before tearing it up.

4. An old mouse pad for its rubber base.

Step 2: Preparing Paper for Printing

Although as much as we want to, we cannot directly print on cloth. To prepare it, take the cloth you selected and then cut it slightly(10-15mm) larger than an A4 paper.

+ Wash the white cloth and then iron it smooth. Let it lie for some time to allow all the shrinkage and tension to be released.

+ Now take the weak glue and the using generous amounts of it stick the paper to the cloth leaving no space which can rise up due to drying or stretching of cloth. Use a glue stick as we need to remove it later on.

+ Fold over the excess edges of cloth and secure with glue.

+ Let it dry and then feed into the printer.

+ Print using high quality and MATT paper settings.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Remove the cloth and paper. Now use a strong glue and stick it to the base of the rubber sheet taken from the old mouse pad. Let it dry. If you want spray a layer of waterproofing mix on the top.

Voila, your own customized mouse pad is now ready! Enjoy the nice little mat.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    One thing that I forgot to add up is that, you need to keep the paper and cloth pressed under constant covering weight to ensure proper sticking. Leave under pressure for 5-10 minutes. Then after full drying print on it.