Introduction: Customized Little Sister ADAM Syringe

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Dear Friends,

This is the story of the creation of my own custom Little Sister ADAM Syringe. My name is The Mad Gadgeteer, and I am someone that travels through dimensions and imaginations searching for my lost love. While traveling, I steals at least one bit of technology from that dimension and modifies it to fit my needs.

This is the ADAM syringe that I stole (and modified) from the Bioshock Dimension.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies!

1 old gas pump
1 spring
1 mason jar
1 small spice bottle w/lid
1 large siracha bottle lid
1 plastic washer (or make your own like I did lol)
1 momentary button1 small woodworking hinge
1 lenscap
1 piece of pipe (any kind, mine has a slit in the bottom; also big enough for a 9v to fit in)
1 shower head hose connecting nut
1 small piece of copper pipe (small diameter, not sure exactly but very tiny)
1 3ft long steel pipe
2 red LEDs
1 1/4w 270 ohm resistor
marine grade epoxy
window and door jam spray foam
Modern Options Blonde Bronze paint
Modern Options Patina Green oxidizing agent
1 bottle Dial Mango Pomegranate Body Wash

Step 2: Assemble the Needle!

1.)Ok. The first thing to do is unscrew the cap off the top of the petrol handle. This may take a little bit of effort but keep at it, it'll give.
2.)Take out all of the pieces from inside including the original pole that lets the gas through.
3.)Then take the hard button off the top of a momentary button. Next make your plastic washer (or buy one, your choice).
4.)Make sure the momentary button can fit inside of the washer and the washer is big enough to cover the hole leading down to where the pole was.
5.)Now, glue the small copper pipe to the button and screw the washer onto the button with the button's nut.
6.)Insertion is key to this next bit. While trying to get the copper pipe to go down towards the handle, make sure to watch the edges of where the lid screws on.
7.)Next, drill a small hole in the cap of the handle.
8.) In the middle of the siracha lid make a hole big enough for the lid of the spice jar lid to fit, then glue them together.
9.) Then glue that to the showerhead hose connecting nut, then the siracha lid/spice jar lid.
10.)Then add the mason jar lid (making sure again that the hole is big enough for the actual spice jar).
11.) Next fill in the empty space between the siracha lid and the mason jar lid with spray foam.
12.) After the foam solidifies, cut away just enough to make the spice jar fit into its lid.
13.) Before putting the lid assembly back on the handle, glue a small spring in between the handle trigger and where the copper pipe comes out. This will create tension so that the trigger springs back off and doesn't keep the button depressed.
14.) Finally, add the lid assembly (minus the jars[I'll explain this later]). Put the original spring from the petrol handle back in before you put the lid assembly on. This will keep the washer in place.

Step 3: Add the Battery Compartment

15.) Take a piece of pipe big enough to fit a 9v battery inside, and glue down one side of a miniature hinge.
16.) Take the other side of the hinge and screw it into a camera lenscap.
17.) Glue the battery compartment to the back end of the handle, behind where you would hold it.

Voila, instant battery compartment.

Step 4: The Needle Itself

18.) Choose an end of to carve.
19.) Using a Dremel (or your metal shaping tool of choice), shape the end at an angle. This will give your pipe a needle-like look, and thus is the only thing to do to prep the steel pipe*.
20.) Insert the uncarved end of the pipe into the spout of the petrol handle all the way and glue it in place. Make sure the carved part of the pipe is facing the correct way.
21.) At this point, double check all of your glue points.

*As a side note: I had to make sure that the carved end of the pipe was super smooth because I'm using this prop for DragonCon 2014.

Step 5: Paint It!

22.) After all of the glue has dried, and all of the parts are assembled, take the Modern Options Blonde Bronze paint and paint the entire assembly (2 coats).
23.) After that use the Modern Options Patina Green and in strategic places, just dab a little bit and let it dry. You'll see the patina show up within 1-2 hours. Add more to taste.
24.) Finally, use spray laquer to put a layer on to protect it.

Step 6: Add the ADAM

25.) Time to screw in the jars. If you did it right the first time, you'll be fine. But if you're like me and are flying blind, be prepared. Do the spice jar first. Make sure it fits where the foam is. If not, use an Exacto-knife to cut away the foam.
26.) Take the Dial Body Wash and fill the mason jar. DO NOT FILL IT ALL THE WAY! If you do, it will not fit on the cap assembly.

Step 7: Let There Be Light!

27.) Take the cap assembly off of the handle (very carefully, I might add).
28.) Time for the electronics. Using the diagram above as a guide, solder the 2 LEDs, 270 ohm resistor, the momentary button, and 9v battery plug together. Make sure there's plenty of wire in between the momentary button and the plug.
29.) Feed the wires through the handle so the battery plug is in the battery compartment, and the LEDs are in the spice jar.

Step 8: You're Done!

30.) Reassemble the cap and that's it!

*Depending on what glue you use, be careful how many times you unscrew and screw the cap/jar assembly. This will be a slight weak point if you mess up, so please make sure to pay attention to what you're doing.

I'd Like to Personally thank you all for reading this Instructable. It's my first time making props, and I'm working on my next projects now. 

This Step-By-Step Instructable is an entry in the Game.Life.4 Contest. It would mean a lot if you would vote for me.

Thank you,
The Mad Gadgeteer

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