Introduction: Customized Speaker Box- Bud Light

About: Studio Art Major at University of New Hampshire

Here is how to make a custom box for any old speaker that you have lying around, I used a speaker that I took out of my car when I replaced my car audio. It is a very simple project with the hardest part being deciding what you want the speaker to be mounted in. 


1. old speaker
2. plywood
3. mini amp (radio shack)
4. speaker wire
5. 3.5 mm speaker jack 
6. stereo input cable
7. empty beer box
8. Velcro
9. rubber grommet
10. metal strap 
11. felt


1. drill/ drill bits
2. wire strippers
3. scrissors
4. hot glue gun
5. circular saw
6. electrical tape
7. cable ties
8. nail gun
9. jig saw
10. push pin
11. gloss spray paint

Step 1: Wiring

Connect the speaker wire to the speaker, and connect the opposite end of the speaker wire to a 3.5mm headphone jack using a soldering iron. 

Plug the speaker into the amp and then connect one end of the audio input cord into the amp and the other into the music source. Turn everything on and make sure it works, you may have to mess around with the volume control to find the right  balance between the audio input and amp volume because this amp is really not made for this type of speaker. 

Step 2: Take Dimensions of Box and Cut Plywood

Measure the inside of the empty box that you want to use, if the measurements are close it is better to round down rather than up because it is going to be very hard to cut down the frame after it is assembled. There only needs to be 5 sides to the box, a top, bottom, left and right side, and one end. Leave one end open so that we can access the wires if need be. 

Take the measurements and cut the plywood to size and nail the boards together. Slide the assembled box into the beer rack to make sure it fits. Remove the frame once you know the size is right. 

Step 3: Cut Holes and Mount Speaker/amp

Mark out where you want the speaker to go on the plywood then cut a hole for it, mount the speaker in the hole.

Take the amp and place it near the edge of the box where there is no wall, this is so we can have access to the volume control without opening the box every time. Fasten all the wires down with cable ties and use Velcro to hold down the amp. 

Drill a hole in the opposite end of the box for the input cable to go through. 

Cut a hole in the top of the box for the handle to go, mount the handle so that it lines up with the cardboard handle of the bud light box. 

Step 4: Put It Together

Slide the bud light box over the wooden frame that you made, it should be a little tight but it should slide on easily enough. 

Cut a hole in the cardboard box for the input cable to go through, lining it up with the hole that  was drilled through the wood. Using a rubber grommet to prevent the cardboard from ripping and tearing, feed the input cable through the wood and cardboard box, slide the grommet over the cardboard. 

Cover the end of  the frame without a side with a piece of black felt and put a piece of felt under the handle area so it looks clean. 

Cut a hole through the felt and cardboard for the volume control. 

Hot glue any areas that are accessible between the cardboard and wood frame, especially the handle

Step 5: Finish

Using a push pin, poke holes in the area of the speaker so that the sound can come through, there should be hundreds of tiny holes.

Add Velcro to the end of the box that was opened, the side with the amp, and close it up. 

Take the gloss spray paint and cover the entire box in gloss, the gloss will retain the bud light box's integrity and make it stronger. 

Turn on the amp, plug in a phone, and listen.