Introduction: Customizing the Cellphone

There are lots of screen guards, lamination screen etc out there with various designs, here is how you can make yours. how to provide your own customized look to the cellphone.

Step 1: Requirements

1. Surgens Knife

2. Screen Guard

3. Sticker Paper

Better to use Glossy one

4. Ruller

5. Inkjet Printer

Step 2: Measurements

Measure each and every detail of your cellphone with the help of a ruler or any suitable measuring instrument.

Make sure the measurements are accurate.

Measure the width, and the height also.

The camera and speaker distance, so that the sticker dont cover them..

Step 3: The Photoshop

Create a new document of the size of your cellphone in the Photoshop or any software you are comfortable with.

For those who dont know the photoshop, download some of images from google.

Design the Body according to your style.


While designing, Leave space for the camera and the speaker.

When your design is complete take a print out on the sticker paper.

Step 4: Cuttings...

1.Cut the sticker from the paper.

2.Cut the camera hole.

3.Cut the speaker Hole.

4.Cut the holes for the jacks.

5. Trim the edges according to the cellphone

Then attach to your cellphone very carefully..!!! so that all cuts and the dimensions can match perfectly.

Step 5: Final Touch

Now finally laminate the cellphone with a screenguard to protect the paper from water.

Step 6: Customize Anything...

Now you can customize any thing.

Here I have customized my Seagate 1tb hardisk Giving it a all new look... Show some crazyness. Design your cool designs.n ENJOY...