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Introduction: Cut Paper Circles With Ease

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Here is a quick and easy way to cut circles without scissors.

So here I was lying in bed, drinking my first coffee of the day and begining my morning reading, and my son asks me to cut out these Olympic(R) type medal things from a kids magazine (see photo).  Far more cutting detail than I care for, or at least this early in the day. Not wanting to be the bad parent I sometimes am I rapidly formulate a solution.

Problem: Kids magazine requires too much of me.  Circles need to be cut out.

Solution: Drawing compass fitted with cutting kinfe.

1 drawing compass
1 nail, or similar metal cylindrical small gauge stock

Sand paper, fine grit
Metal file, bench grinder, or sanding machine
Pliers for holding stock if using a machine

Step 1: Knife Stock Selection and Cutting

First photo:
Choose a nail, piece of rigid wire, or any other metal that you can fit to your compass.

My compass has a holder for a 2mm lead (graphite) and a thumb screw to secure it in place.  Without such a fastening system tape should do just fine to attach the knife.

I chose to use the shaft of a pop rivet as it fit perfectly in my compass, and because I have them laying all over the floor of my shop.

Second photo:
With your metal stock in hand, vice, or pliers, remove enough metal so that the end takes on the look of a knife.  Pointy and angled like.

Next use the fine grit sandpaper to remove burrs and to give it an ultra sharp cutting edge.

Third photo:
Finished knife fitted in compass.

Forth photo:
Close-up of finished knife.

Step 2: Putting the Tool to Use

This tool was fast to build, worked just as intended, and got me out of bed and into my shop.  To me this is a good start to the day.

In the photo you can see the tool made quick and precise work of cutting out otherwise tedious circles.

Now, maybe it's just me who doesn't like doing this sort of thing with scissors but there you go.  I'm sure many better uses can be found for this quick compass hack.

Go. Make circles.

Bonus: video showing centre finding and active use.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've been so much time thinking on make perfect circles with no idea how.

    Did you think about avoid piercing with center needle?
    Maybe some kind of rubber or suction pad (smaller than cutting piece of course).

    Jason Bedard
    Jason Bedard

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    A rubber pad for the pivot point is a great idea. For my application I wasn't worried about a small hole, but your idea makes this applicable to so many more uses. Probably a rubber foot as found on the underside of table/counter top electronics and appliances would be perfect.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever design. I think I could have used your idea for making my fascinator.