Introduction: Cute

This is a cute skateboard.

Step 1: Board Surface

The length of the skateboard is 1071mm, the width is 200mm, the thickness is 10mm, the diameter of the semicircles on both sides is 200mm, and the diameter of 8 threaded holes is 8mm.

Step 2: Bridge Pad

The bridge pad has a length of 60 mm, a width of 40 mm and a thickness of 5 mm

Step 3: Bridge Base

The support base of the bridge base is fixed with a fixed auxiliary bridge support. The left hole is a hole with a diameter of 14mm and a depth of 2mm. The right side is a hole with a diameter of 12mm and a depth of 6mm

Step 4: Support

Two shafts are extended on the foundation of the bridge pad and connected to the sleeve of one axle. The inner diameter of the sleeve is 10 mm and the outer diameter is 15 mm. The length is 80mm.

The design is based on conventional design, which is reduced on the basis of conventional design, using high-strength materials to prevent breakage and other problems

Step 5: Axle

Wheel axle, welded to the sleeve, length 200mm radius 10mm。

Step 6: Wheel

The skateboard wheel has a radius of 22.5mm and a thickness of 35mm. The inner hole has a diameter of 10 mm。

The gear is designed with a number of small holes to save material and money, and is more aesthetically pleasing and reduces the weight of the skateboard.

Step 7: Skateboard

Assemble and render each part of the skateboard + texture。

The small patterns on the map make the skateboard look more attractive, which is more attractive to fans, especially for girls and children.

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