Introduction: Cute Autumn/Spring Braid!

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Hello! My name is Kirin and I have made this instructable to show you how to create a very cute autumn and spring braid. As you can tell in the pictures I have short hair... A pixie cut. If you have short hair like mine don't worry! I know people out there with short hair think that they can't braid their hair... But with this you can! So read on! This braid is very simple and is unique to other braids... Perfect for beginners or those of you who already know how to braid.

Step 1: Sectioning the Hair

So first of all you need to section your hair. But before I go on... You will need: -a small hair elastic ( this is optional... I just find it keeps the hair securely in place) -two bobby pins So lets get started! Firstly, section off your hair. Do this by using your thumb and sliding it from your forehead upwards to the end your bangs. Start with your thumb in the middle of your head, as if you are sliding along a middle part. Refer to the picture. Then, take this hair and section it off into three even strands. (Also, if you want the braid to look more even... You can take a bit if hair from the other side of your part and add it to your section)

Step 2: Crossing It Over

So most if us know how to braid already. Just simply plaiting. But for this braid,instead of taking the hair from an outside strand into the middle, take the hair from the first outside strand underneath the middle strand so that it ends up being the new middle strand. Continue doing this, but each time you cross over, incorporate more hair into the braid from both sides, front and back.

Step 3: Towards the End

So when you keep braiding, you are eventually going to come to then end if your bangs or fringe. When you do, pull your braid tight to create a more detailed and neat pattern. Or for a messier look, just leave it loose.

Step 4: Securing the Braid

If you have incorporated hair into the braid as you braided along, it should be mostly fastened to the front if your head. So now we need to secure it... You will need your two bobby pins and your elastic ( if you chose to use one ) Tie the three strands together at the end of the braid with the elastic. Then, before you use your bobby pins to secure it to your head, grab some hear from the side of your head ( the side the braid is on) and just lift it for a moment. With that out of the way, use your bobby pins now to secure the braid. Pin the braid near it behind your ear. Make sure to slide in the bobby pins so they form an X shape ( this just helps them to stay in there for longer) Let go of the hair from the side of your head and just put it over the bobby pin to conceal it. And your done ! Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, pleAse ask me in the comments !! PLZ COMMENT!!!!!! Remember, practise makes perfect! Kirin :D