Introduction: Cute Cardboard Shelf Made From Recycled Crate Box

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I am a subscription box addict! I can't help myself there are just so many awesome ones out there.

Because of that, I am always trying to find new ways to re-use these boxes.

I put on my thinking cap and found a great way to re-use my Doki Doki crate box with hardly any waste. This project uses pretty much all of the box.

I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You will need one crate box, a straight edge ruler, a utility knife, some tacky craft glue, something for scoring a line, like a butter knife, and a pencil or marker. Also a cutting mat is good to have, but a piece of wood that you are not worried about cutting into is fine, like a cutting board.

Step 2: Unfold Your Box

Completely unfold your box and lay flat on cutting surface. I used a cutting mat, but you could use a piece of wood or a thick block of Styrofoam. Just put something under it so you don't cut up your table.

Step 3: Cut Off the Lid and Lip of Box

Cut off the entire lid section from your main box, making sure to include the lip that is used to close the box. Now separate the top of the lid section, from the lip that is used to close the box, by cutting with the utility blade on the fold line.

Then cut off the two ends of the large center lid piece. The large part of the lid is to cover the center of shelf where the label was, and the two ends will become the floor cover for the bottom of the shelf.

Do not cut the ends off the lip section. That whole piece will become the center shelf.

Step 4: Shelf and Center Piece

On the main box you will see the sides that were folded over, they have little tabs that lock into the bottom of box when it is made.

You need to cut a 1/16 inch wide notch into that at the height you want the shelf to sit.

First fold your main box back up and stand it up so you can measure how far up you want the shelf. Mark a line with a pencil at that spot or just take note of the distance from bottom.

Also, while you have the box closed, see if the end tabs on your shelf piece need adjusting. Are they just a bit too wide? If so the shelf may need to have the tabs folded a little farther in from where they are. Just hold it up to the box and to see if too wide and if so, score (not cut) a line to fold on. My fold crease needed to come in about 1/8 of an inch on each end. Once you have a good line scored, fold the ends into their new spot. (See photo)

Flatten box again.

Now, using your Utility knife, cut a notch where you marked it for the shelf. Cut from the outside just to the first fold. You will be sitting the shelf on this notch, the flaps of the shelf will fit inside the fold.

Next glue on the center large piece to cover the label. This is just for looks. Make sure you have it right side up.

Now put in your shelf, it's a bit tricky, just make sure all your tabs are in place and your shelf tab is sandwiched between them before you lock in the tab. Make sure right side up.

Step 5: Glue on the Pieces to Cover Bottom (Optional)

I wanted the design on my bottom shelf, so I used the two pieces that were cut off the large center section.

Just cut off the ends to make as square as possible. On this one I cut off one end on each piece and then put it in place, then I drew a diagonal line across the middle, and that is where I made my cut. But you can just cut the ends straight, it works either way.

Then glue in place.

Step 6: Finished Shelf!

Your box is finished! This is a great way to re-use all those subscription boxes. If yours does not have as cute of a design as Doki Doki, then you can always paint it or glue on some cute scrapbooking paper.

I made several of these, so that's why there are different designs in my photos.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

Credit to:

Doki Doki Crate by Japan Crate for giving me permission to use their super kawaii box in this instructable! If you are like me and love cute stuff from Japan, be sure and check them out.