Introduction: Cute Clay Jewellery DIY

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In this instructable we shall learn how to make clay jewellery, specifically terracotta clay earrings. I will be making a heart shaped earring with a little birdie dangler.

It may seem very intricate and complicated. Trust me. By the end of this tutorial, you will feel its very much do-able!

So what are we waiting for? Let's learn how to make this cute pair of earrings

Step 1: Items Needed to Make a Heart Stud

1. A small ball of clay

2. A rolling pin

3. Heart shape plunger cutter

Step 2: Roll Out the Clay to a Thickness of About ¾th of a Cm

Step 3: Cut Out a Heart Using the Plunger Cutter

Step 4: Press the Edges of the Heart to Give a Smooth Contour

Step 5: You Should Be Having Something Like This

Step 6: Items Required to Make a Little Bird

1. A ball of clay

2. A toothpick

Step 7: Pinch One Side of the Clay Ball to Get a Tapered Portion.

This will become the tail of the bird

Step 8: Pinch Another Side to Create a Smooth Right Angle Triangle With a Gentle Curvature

This shall be the head of the bird

Step 9: At the Head Portion, Make Another Pinch to Create the Beak

Step 10: Use the Toothpick to Make an Impression for the Bird's Eye on Both the Sides

Step 11: Make a Short Linear Impression on the Beak, With the Toothpick Held Parallel to It

Step 12: With the Toothpick Held Parallel to the Tail, Make a Few Linear Impressions on the Tail

Step 13: Your Bird Should Now Look Like This

Step 14: Using the Toothpick, Gently Draw the Shape of the Wings Onto Either Sides of the Body

Step 15: Gently Scrape Off And/or Press the Surface Adjoining the Outline Drawn

This helps to give an elevated dimension to the wings

Step 16: The Bird Should Now Look Something Like This

Step 17: Use a Couple of Eye-pins to Help Connect the Heart and Bird

Step 18: Insert the Eye-pins in Open Position As Shown.

Step 19: Let It Dry Completely and Then Fire the Clay Pieces

You can use a kiln to fire the pieces.

If you plan on creating clay pieces on a regular basis and wish to try out glazes, The FireBox 8x6 LT Multimedia Kiln by Skutt is a great starter kiln. And guess what Instructables is hosting a clay contest in which the grand prize winner gets this amazing kiln along with loads of clay suppplies, glazes, Laguna clay and tools from The Ceramic shop

Or even fire them at home WITHOUT a kiln. You can find a separate instructable that i created to Fire natural clay WITHOUT A KILN

All my clay jewellery and keepsakes are fired using this method and painted with acrylic paints. Feel free to take a peek into my facebook page Festoons Creations
You can buy my creations from Festoons Etsy shop

Step 20: Paint Them With Colours of Your Choice

Using acrylic colors, paint them with colors of your choice. Once the paint coat dries completely, you can coat it with a layer of varnish for an extra shine and protection

I have used Camlin acrylic colors and Fevicryl acrylic colors, available here in India. But you can use any brand of acrylic colors to paint them.

Step 21: Connect Them and Close the Loop of the Eye Pin to Create a Lovely Dangling Earring

Step 22: Glue on the Stud Base to the Back of the Heart

Using araldite or e600 or any epoxy jewelry glue, glue on the stud base to the back of the heart and let it dry overnight. Your cute lovely clay jewellery - heart and bird earrings is ready

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Thank you all for reading

If you try this out, do post your creations in the comments. Looking forward to see all your wonderful creations

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