Introduction: Cute Coat Jewlery or Stocking Hanger for Under $20

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This was part of a project that I made for at techshop

What you'll need:
Black Spray Paint
Some MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) inexpensive wood. 12" x 48"
4x knobs of your choice, these ones were about $4 a pop at home depot, I hear target has them cheaper, or look online.
Access to a drill and table router. / Techshop

Step 1: Cut the MDF

I bought 2' x 4' of MDF for $10 bucks, lets just say I have a lot left over for other projectsl.

So cut it how you can, the straighter the better.  You could even your a kitchen knife in a pinch, but it's not recommended.

I measured out a foot and cut it at techshop.

Step 2: Route the Edges

I wanted to give me board a good look, so I hooked up the table router tossed in a bit and carved in the edges until I was satisfied.

Step 3: Mark Drill and Bill (not Really Bill)

Mark where you want your holes and drill in.  The knobs cable with 1/8 screws, so I used an 1/8" bit to cut through the wood.

Step 4: Paint It Black (not Like the Rolling Stones)

Seriously, just some black spray paint happened to work for this job.  One coat was enough, but two made it nice :)

Also you could sand and do it right, but .... sometimes it's just lunch time. Ya know !

Step 5: Connect

Push screws through the back and tighten the knobs on the front.  This couldn't get easier.

Step 6: Mount to Your Wall.

So simple a child could do it. (Childen 18+ apply)  After that it was simply taking some long screws and drilling the board directly into the wall.  It's not going to hold a 50 lbs load, but it will do.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

A nice trick I learned from the Store owner, just sharpe the rest :) and that's it.

Bob's your Uncle.