Cute Coin Jar With Shining Eyes!




Introduction: Cute Coin Jar With Shining Eyes!

Hey! This is a fun little project which is easy to make.

Hope you guys have fun during the process!

Here's a quicker video tutorial I made (pls watch, I spent a lot of time):


1. Arduino Leonardo

2. wires

3. hot glue gun

4. coin jar (preferably made with something easy to cut through)

5. wire cutter

6. acrylic paint and brushes (optional)

7. Arduino ultrasonic sensor

8. insulation tape

9. LED lights (any color)

Step 1: Decorate Your Coin Jar As You Wish

I used acrylic paint and designed an easy smile on it. The LED lights are supposed to become part of the eye which will shine when a coin enters the jar!

My jar was 13.5X10.5 (cm)

Step 2: Cut Holes in the Eyes So the LED Lights Can Poke Out.

This part is why I recommended using a jar easy to alter, I used a screwdriver and drilled a hole where the eyes were. You can feel free to use any tools you need. Be careful!

Step 3: Wiring

I connected both LEDs GND and anode pins since they had to share. I did this By using the wire cutter and insulation tape.

1. Cut the wires (beware of which side of the heads you need)

2. roll the cut wires together and make sure they touch completely

3. use insulation tape to keep the wires in place

Details on how are in the video~

The LED lights were put on pin6

And the TRIG pin for the ultrasonic sensor was 5

ECHO pin for the ultrasonic sensor was 4

Step 4: Code

This is the coding, you can alter the distance that triggers the ultrasonic sensor according to the size of your jar.

You can also change how long the lights stay lit.

Step 5: Putting Everything in Place

I like to fix my wires so they don't get tangled everywhere.

I used insulation tape and a hot glue gun.

Put the Ultrasonic sensor right beside the coin hole so when coins enter, it detects them.

Step 6: I Added a Board in the Middle of the Jar to Separate Wire/Arduino and the Coins

Be sure the board is sturdy so it can hold coins, I joined two of them to increase the strength.

I used a hot glue gun during this step.

Step 7: Add Bottom and Top Cap to the Coin Jar.

I punched a hole in the bottom cap so the power cable could go through.

After putting both caps on, Voila!

You are finished with this easy project!

Step 8: Grand Unveiling!

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    Hunter Lin
    Hunter Lin

    Question 3 years ago

    Can you post more wiring steps? it's complicated , Thanks


    Answer 3 years ago

    It's been a while, i'll see if i can find more photos.

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    That really is such a cute project :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    glad you liked it :)))


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks! :)