Introduction: Cute DIY Cardboard R2-D2

What's not to love about this droid? Unfortunately, not many of use can make a full-scale R2 droid, but at lease we can (at least I hope) can make something small, little, and made out of cardboard... so enjoy!

Step 1: What You Need:

The title kinda says it all: all you need to get is some cardboard, tape, glue, scissors, and to have a printer at handy. You'll also need to print out this:

Step 2: Tracing R2

When you have printed the sheets out, on the first page, cut out each side of R2, the top, top sides, and bottom. Then, on the cardboard, trace each cut out on it and cut them out.

IMPORTANT: Don't throw away the cutout paper! They're important later!

Step 3: Taping R2 Together (Part One)

Using the cardboard, assemble the first image, then the second two. Repeat the latter again.

Step 4: Taping R2 Together (Part Two)

Next, tape all pieces together (e.g. the foot on the body, attach the cardboard from step three together) until it resembles the image above.

Step 5: Coverin' Him Up

Glue the pieces (the paper) to the cardboard until it resembles R2.

Step 6: Giving Him Legs

Where would R2 be without anything to help him walk? There are two options for this. Outline all the leg pieces like the second step, or just do what I did -- just give him the basic legs and be done with it!

Step 7: Enjoy Your R2 Unit!

Do I really have to say anything?

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